The best jokes as England Under-21 lose to Germany on penalties in Euro semi-final

Inevitable end to the competition for the youngsters.

This fan won't want to look at the jokes as England Under-21 lose to Germany on penalties in the European Championship semi-final
This fan was left frustrated by the result (Image: Brandon Grasley)

As England were eliminated from the Euro Under-21 Championship after an inevitable penalties defeat to a young German side at the semi-final stage, these were the best jokes.

A winner couldn’t be found after 120 minutes with the score level at 2-2 but, after an earlier miss from both sides, Julian Pollersbeck saved Nathan Redmond’s spot-kick and Germany went on to win 4-3 on penalties.

Here are the best jokes as England Under-21 lose to Germany on penalties in the Euro 2017 semi-final:

You have to admire the arrogance of England…

…playing for pens.

…in an international tournament.

…against Germany. #ENGGER

— Villa Views (@ViewsVilla) June 27, 2017

Congrats Germany……..

— JCM (@joshcm21) June 27, 2017

‍♂️ An exclusive look at Boothroyd's 5 penalty takers… #ENGGER pic.twitter.com/GtZ5NuFeSI

— The Sportsman (@TheSportsman) June 27, 2017

Penalties! Just got a video of the penalty shootout training of team England :) #ENGGER pic.twitter.com/f7P57CN5zf

— Sascha Pallenberg (@sascha_p) June 27, 2017


— Jack (@HelderCostaFC) June 27, 2017

Most unsurprising end to a tournament ever #ENGGER #englandu21s #younglions #standard

— Natalie Bromley 🐝 (@Natalie_Bromley) June 27, 2017

Pub country

— call me on my (@spunkphone) June 27, 2017

Germany don't practice pens. They practice sprinting from the centre circle cheering.

— Don Compton (@Ecclesallblade) June 27, 2017

Still 2 up on world wars though so it's cushdy

— Nathan Nicholson (@JnathanN) June 27, 2017

I don not get the "practise penalties" thing. If you get to voting age & don't know what to do with a penalty what you been doing? #ENGGER

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) June 27, 2017

Trump as president …..!!! Brexit ….. !!!! But finally the world is back to normality ….. England lose on penalties to Germany …..

— Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) June 27, 2017

Good to see the lads getting the practice in now for crushing disappointment #ENGGER

— Andy Cooksey (@Andzeesc) June 27, 2017

I, for one, am shocked that England have lost a semi final penalty shootout. Shocked.

— Liam Canning (@LiamPaulCanning) June 27, 2017

Another generation of England footballers scarred for life #ENGGER #u21s

— Rob Morrell (@Rob_Morrell) June 27, 2017

Put penalty taking into the National Curriculum #ENGvGER

— Roger J Carter (@rjafd) June 27, 2017

The floor is beating Germany at penalties. pic.twitter.com/cqgGJBSn5m

— B/R Football (@brfootball) June 27, 2017

I see jordan pickford is handling his #EuroU21 exit well then . pic.twitter.com/nR6fjMwQUX

— Buzza (@buzza9676) June 27, 2017

ain't no Pollersbeck girl

— Ansgar (@Ansgarius_90) June 27, 2017

A bunch of Kuntz's boys win the penalty shootout for Germany…..Same old.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) June 27, 2017

Don't Look Back In #Engger pic.twitter.com/BouQx50d2q

— Wo sind sie jetzt? (@exprofis) June 27, 2017