The best jokes as England beat Ukraine 4-0 and storm through the quarter-finals of Euro 2020

Gareth Southgate's side deliver a thrashing from start to finish.

Gareth Southgate can now enjoy the tweets and jokes from England 4-0 Ukraine, Euro 2020 quarter-final
(Image: YouTube/Porkin)

Ukraine have been knocked out of Euro 2020 at the quarter-final stage after a 4-0 defeat to England.

England strolled to a comprehensive win over their Ukrainian counterparts in a Euro 2020 quarter-final at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on Saturday night, scoring their first in just the fourth minute.



Gareth Southgate’s side will now face Denmark on Wednesday in the next round of the competition, with the winner progressing to the final.

These were the best tweets and jokes after England beat Ukraine 4-0 in the quarter-finals of Euro 2020:

Ukrainian kids getting ready for tonight’s game pic.twitter.com/MloQ8Y7Sve

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) July 3, 2021

Ukraine vs England. A oligarchic country awash in dirty Russian money & influence corrupting a ruling elite that's undermining democracy. And Ukraine.#ENGUKR

— Darth Putin (@DarthPutinKGB) July 3, 2021

My son Vladyslav is having a terrible night. I accept Paypal, Bitcoin and cash. #ENGUKR #EURO2020 #ENG #UEFA #HASHTAGS pic.twitter.com/ya7lcMpWHq

— Dai Lama (@WelshDalaiLama) July 3, 2021


Bloody hell that taking the knee business has really done the trick hasn’t it #ENGUKR

— Gladstone (@shane_gladstone) July 3, 2021

This bunch of anti-Racist Marxists are making a whole country proud#ENG#ENGUKR

— nazir afzal (@nazirafzal) July 3, 2021

4 goals?! 4?! That’s insane! #ENG #ENGUKR pic.twitter.com/1OcGkHkZM9

— Ruth Edwards MP (@RuthEdwardsMP) July 3, 2021

Give the yellow shirts to England cause there playing like fucking Brazil #ENGUKR pic.twitter.com/VWxlsgviza

— Paddys (@PaddysMad) July 3, 2021

I don’t want to over share but I can feel a semi coming on. #ENGUKR

— Julian Clary (@JulianClary) July 3, 2021

Haven’t seen Twitter this excited about a semi since the Matt Hancock video leaked. #ENGUKR

— Pundamentalism (@Pundamentalism) July 3, 2021

“If we pretend to cry we will get £30,000” pic.twitter.com/YfrNY07UGW

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) July 3, 2021

At this rate the goalie is getting the crowdfunder #ENGUKR

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) July 3, 2021

The Ukrainian goalie #ENGUKR pic.twitter.com/qluAPhoZ8X

— Dan Gasser (@DanGasser) July 3, 2021

crying. hoping to get a fundraiser campaign started by the morning

— juan vennegoor (@OfHesseltwink) July 3, 2021


— @LidlGB (@LidlGB) July 3, 2021

Calls Grow For Euros To Be Cancelled To Prevent Covid Spread #ENGUKR #Euro2021 pic.twitter.com/pXd8vbdJRk

— WWN (@WhispersNewsLTD) July 3, 2021

I'm beginning to feel I can relax a bit now #ENGUKR

— Anne Hegerty (@anne_hegerty) July 3, 2021

I wanta stan wif you on a mountainnn
I wanta bave wifyoo in vesee #ItsComingHome pic.twitter.com/pVofRuDSG1

— PFTCommenter (@PFTCommenter) July 3, 2021

Ukraine players looking like a bunch of sad teletubbies hahaha #ENGUKR #ItsComingHome pic.twitter.com/3Kv6Sx94zC

— Emily Rose (@EKimmis) July 3, 2021

Not sure what we're meant to do with all this confidence. Make a cup of tea? #engukr

— Sathnam Sanghera (@Sathnam) July 3, 2021

The Sun’s cover will be Kane’s head photoshopped onto a gladiator with the headline “Are you not enterkaned?!?” and then a sub header that explains the reference. #ENGUKR

— Matt Oakley (@MattOakleyMojo) July 3, 2021

You Kane 1

— Jon Sopel (@BBCJonSopel) July 3, 2021


“After what happened with Christian Eriksen, everyone would love to see Denmark win Euro 2020”

England: pic.twitter.com/cu5HYMfb52

— FPL Partridge (@FPL_Partridge) July 3, 2021

The cameraman sussing out which sad Ukrainian to zoom in on #UKRENG pic.twitter.com/2A7hB47nyL

— Dobby Club (@DobbyClub06) July 3, 2021

Handy 20 grand for that girl now pic.twitter.com/hQFr8pBzwa

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 3, 2021


So convinced #ItsComingHome I've set it a place at the dinner table pic.twitter.com/24ZreKUbFP

— John O'Groats (@JohnOhGroats) July 3, 2021


I think, if I’m not mistaken, there is a perfectly reasonable chance that it’s fucking coming home! #ENGUKR pic.twitter.com/h3lxNWpN9G

— april (@scarlet4403) July 3, 2021


"Yer a wizard, Harry." #UKRENG pic.twitter.com/SEqk2ayOQV

— The Poke (@ThePoke) July 3, 2021