The best jokes as Danny Welbeck leads the line for Arsenal in Östersund

Five changes to visitors' starting line-up.

We selected the jokes as Danny Welbeck leads the line for Arsenal in 3-0 Europa League win at Östersunds FK
STARTED: Welbeck (Image: Ronnie Macdonald)

Arsenal made five changes to their line-up for a 3-0 win at Swedish Östersunds FK in the Europa League on Thursday night with Danny Welbeck starting upfront for the Premier League side.

With Olivier Giroud recently moved on to rivals Chelsea, there were few alternatives for Arsène Wenger to field in the European competition but the England forward had a quiet game and will have been disappointed not to score.

With the fans not overly enamoured with his performance, these were the best jokes as Danny Welbeck lead the line for Arsenal in Östersund:

So we have to start Welbeck in the Europa league now… pic.twitter.com/iQi7Zv0WqK

— 🇹🇹 (@Mta_1991) February 13, 2018

Welbeck brace*. I'm calling it.


— gunnerblog (@gunnerblog) February 15, 2018

Me in 2006 : I can't wait to get home and watch Thierry 👑 shrug a few players off and score the winner in the Bernabau tonight.

Me in 2018 : I can't wait to get home and watch Danny Welbeck get marked out the game by a hotel manager and a petrol station attendant. #AFC

— Ryan Saggers (@RSaggers) February 15, 2018

When Danny Welbeck starts upfront for Arsenal. pic.twitter.com/SghDVYla1D

— SaM (@MesutsMagic) February 15, 2018

Watching Welbeck get tackled by Papakisslllahryskobabnea pic.twitter.com/ehNyYtMmtF

— ß. (@AubaGoaI) February 15, 2018

The search for Danny Welbeck's level goes on.

— Paddy (@VieiraPaddy) February 15, 2018

Welbeck would miss his own wedding.

— Mike Sanz (@mikesanz19) February 15, 2018

When the balls drops to Welbeck… pic.twitter.com/EiMLpqAmnp

— BANTER ERA (@RReactz) February 15, 2018

Welbeck, the only player who can find a bobble on an AstroTurf pitch 😧

— Red Ken (@4everagooner) February 15, 2018

40’ ; Danny Welbeck… Non. Non…

— Arsenal (France) (@Arsenal_France) February 15, 2018

When Welbeck attempts a shot on goal from 30 yards but it ends up being a diagonal assist for Bellerin. pic.twitter.com/11jVbDWH0A

— Ben Sheaf (@wengersgame) February 15, 2018

Arsenal should pay us to watch Welbeck play

— Another Goon (@antoswiftest) February 15, 2018

Leave Welbeck here at full time

— Cal (@AubameyangGoal) February 15, 2018

If Welbeck is a professional football player then I am also a professional football player

— Aaron (@logikUK) February 15, 2018

Should move Welbeck back to his best position
On the bench

— pelton boy (@peltonboy) February 15, 2018

I'm so happy it's an own goal and not a Welbeck goal

— Niall (@Sanogology) February 15, 2018

“Own goal” is a much bigger goal threat than Welbeck and/or Iwobi.

— CJayAFC (@Charlie_Jay_) February 15, 2018