The best jokes as Crystal Palace announce Wayne Hennessey is “desperate” to learn about the Nazis

Said to be eager to educate himself after salute charge against goalkeeper is 'not proven'.

There were funny tweets and jokes when Crystal Palace manager claimed Wayne Hennessey was "desperate" to learn about Nazism after being cleared of making a Hitler salute
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Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson has said that Wayne Hennessey is “actually very desperate now to learn as much as he can” about World War II after he was able to shrug off the accusation of making a Nazi salute by claiming he did not know what one was.

The 32-year-old goalkeeper came under-fire for appearing to make the gesture during an evening dinner in a photo that was shared on Instagram by one of his teammates.

Wayne Hennessey reportedly thought this was Freddie Mercury during the early days of Queen. pic.twitter.com/6LAu9zFnoX

— L.i.am (@GilesyL14) April 16, 2019

The charge was found not proven because a disciplinary panel believed the picture had been “misinterpreted” and Hennessey had instead been “trying to shout at and to catch the attention of the waiter”.

The FA went on to assert that the player held a “lamentable degree of ignorance” about Hitler, fascism and the Nazi regime.

"Germany? Never heard of it"

— Thom (@ohhithom) April 16, 2019

Former England coach Hodgson maintained:

I’ve no idea about the level of knowledge in relation to the Holocaust, the Second World War, in other clubs or even in our club.

It’s now something we know may well exist and will have to be dealt with.

Together, the club and Kick It Out, we will sort it out, certainly where Wayne is concerned because he is actually very desperate now to learn as much as he can.

What is important in that report is that they made it perfectly clear they found Wayne a very honest and kind and good individual.

These were the best tweets and jokes after an FA charge against Wayne Hennessey for making a Hitler salute was not proven and the club insist the goalie’s “desperate now” to learn about the Nazis:

The what? Are they a band or something?

— Artetaball (@MickMcCarthy92) April 19, 2019


Old Roy can tell him about when he parachuted in on D-Day

— el Tav (@elTav) April 20, 2019

Said a spokesman pic.twitter.com/tt2SObP4yA

— Philip Shortland (@PhilipShortland) April 16, 2019

is he joining Chelsea??

— colin (@skiathospurs) April 19, 2019

Hennessey in September pic.twitter.com/CqSCO8ZPnS

— Shaun O'Hara (@shaun1ohara) April 20, 2019



Tom Riddle is 'desperate' to learn about Horcruxes, says Horace Slughorn

— Just Jamie (@MuchDispleased) April 19, 2019

Just put the Yesterday channel on for him.

— Laura Lawrence (@YICETOR) April 19, 2019

Teach him about the story of Pinocchio first.

— Biggies Malls (@MoMoneyMoSaIah) April 19, 2019

‘Hitler? Never heard of him mate. Wait, is he the left-back at Hoffenheim? Cracking talent.’

— Mike Oxborrow (@oxborrow1) April 16, 2019


If only there were some kind of book or documentary he could be given. Does anyone know of any?

— MB (@1burnm) April 20, 2019

Allo Allo now on Netflix Wayne

— Peter Nolan (@ptr_nln) April 19, 2019

He’s shown how keen he is by learning the salute.

— Baseballscot (@baseballscot) April 19, 2019

Imagine what's gonna happen if he is papped reading Mein Kampf.

— Craig Wright – Tech Writer (@straygoat) April 20, 2019

Suppose it could be true. I mean Heather Mills hadn’t heard of The Beatles until she got dicked by Paul McCartney in the 90’s

— JJ (@Jenni_J0hnson) April 20, 2019

‘Is that Wayne Hennessey? A friend of mine said To call you, said we’d get along fine. Here, I tell you who else fancied a residency at the palace..’ pic.twitter.com/pIneUwFekR

— Mo' (@mocent0) April 19, 2019

Is it not more likely he'd misheard the photographer's name and was responding accordingly? pic.twitter.com/TckUAxIVbZ

— Tony Taylor (@itstonyt10) April 16, 2019

presumably Mr Bitler was the chef

— James Dutton (@jrgdutton) April 16, 2019

Where’s Wayne’s history teacher to clear all this up!?

— Jack (@JMC2803) April 20, 2019

Wayne Hennessey’s WWII pic.twitter.com/01qCse4BaX

— Martin Holliday (@mart_holliday) April 20, 2019

So many people sceptical about FA ruling on Wayne Hennessey. But the FA have been consistent on this for decades. In 1938, the England team, including Stanley Matthews, played Germany in Berlin and all tried to attract the waiter's attention before kick-off. pic.twitter.com/tExGQlGePb

— Nick Harris (@sportingintel) April 16, 2019


— Jamie (@Turkeyfish15) April 16, 2019

@liamw22 young henners is in this for the long haul. The lad is gonna end up studying German history at uni to try and prove his innocence. #godlovesatrier

— Anthony AD (@AshAnthonyDavis) April 20, 2019

I suppose being known as the thickest footballer of all time is a bit of an incentive

— frank crisp (@frankiecrisp1) April 19, 2019

Not sure I’d have Wayne Hennessey on my quiz team.

— John Brewin (@JohnBrewin_) April 16, 2019



Wayne Hennessey's former PE teacher Mrs Pritchard: "He wasn't particularly academic."

— Sport Witness (@Sport_Witness) April 16, 2019