The best jokes as Bayern Munich beat Arsenal 5-1 in the Champions League again

Thrashed in Germany for the second time in successive seasons.

There were jokes as Bayern Munich beat Arsenal 5-1 in the Champions League round of sixteen first leg at the Allianz Arena
(Image: Richard Bartz)

These are the best of the jokes after Bayern Munich beat Arsenal 5-1 in their Champions League round of sixteen first leg tie at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday night.

Frustrated fans are losing patience with long-serving manager Arsène Wenger whose side also lost by the same margin, in the same fixture last season.

Arsenal’s hopes of progressing in the competition now look extremely faint.

If they are not successful in overturning the deficit in the second leg, then the club will have been eliminated in the first knockout round, in each of the last seven seasons.

Here are the best jokes as Bayern Munich beat Arsenal 5-1 again:

The good news for Arsenal is they can now focus on finishing 4th in order to be knocked out by Bayern again in 12 months.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) February 15, 2017

Arsenal defending with attention to detail of Harrison Ford landing a Plane

— roger bennett (@rogbennett) February 15, 2017

When Arsenal reach the last 16 of the Champions League… 😳 pic.twitter.com/ZSLy4KGTAE

— Football Hell (@thefootballhell) February 15, 2017

Arsenal's defence tonight. pic.twitter.com/bokJd4LVmI

— carmelo (@HxgoBoss) February 15, 2017

The 4 stages of this match from an Arsenal's fans perspective pic.twitter.com/8KLxunGuGh

— PurelyFootball UK (@PurelyFootball) February 15, 2017

Arsene Wenger has finally got Arsenal playing like Barcelona in the Champions League

— Yeswell (@JordanCresswel1) February 15, 2017

Imagine if Arsenal fans had a Youtube channel where they would vent their frustration after a loss like this.

— Kristian vS Hæhre (@vonstrenginho) February 15, 2017

Scenes on Arsenal Fan TV tonight… pic.twitter.com/EkeE3KtpgE

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) February 15, 2017

Arsenal fans right now pic.twitter.com/hLyZ78u9vL

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) February 15, 2017

He must be an Arsenal fan. pic.twitter.com/LLyCsWdiDa

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) February 15, 2017

Arsenal always go into the first leg of the last 16 pretending their up for it like: pic.twitter.com/iKVgqIKwyF

— ㅤㅤㅤ (@AaronMancz) February 15, 2017

Arsenal watching the 2nd half like pic.twitter.com/jlrAdXnnw5

— – (@Bowden1905) February 15, 2017

@Arsenal Announce Wenger 10 year deal

— ️ (@eddygilmartin) February 15, 2017

@Arsenal "im sick of it robbie"

— killafragzilla (@Killafragzilla) February 15, 2017

Lol, @Arsenal.
How many did you let in today Wenger? pic.twitter.com/wpREq5w7Id

— JΛY BUCKS 🇦🇺 (@TheMasterBucks) February 15, 2017

Bayern 5-1 Arsenal.

5-1 = 4.

4th place.

— ӇΛϞz (@cutclear) February 15, 2017

200 – Arsenal are the first English team with 200 conceded Champions League goals. Explorers.

— OptaJohan (@OptaJohan) February 15, 2017

So when your best defender goes off it's ok to collapse? Arsenal's best defender went to prison. And they won the league.

— Mark Pougatch (@markpougatch) February 15, 2017

Bayern 5 Arsenal 1 FT. Arsenal so bad that even the PA announcer was laughing as he read out the score after the fifth goal.

— Jason Burt (@JBurtTelegraph) February 15, 2017

A game for Arsenal fans… pic.twitter.com/FGMKBJKkFf

— Pie Sports Booze 🔞 (@piesportsbooze) February 15, 2017

Who needs a Valentine when Arsenal just break your heart every year 💔

— GRM Daily (@GRMDAILY) February 15, 2017

Arsenal every season:
1) Start well
2) Drop out the title race in January/February
3) Out the Champions League last 16
4) Arsenal

— ㅤ (@AssistLikePogba) February 15, 2017

Very soon success will pull Arsenal aside and ask pic.twitter.com/rYr4CRNtHW

— Dirty Diego (@Monsiuer_T) February 15, 2017

"You can't lose the game if you never show up" @Arsenal pic.twitter.com/a2kfUjEXpE

— dan colosimo (@dancolosimoo) February 15, 2017

Arsenal fans right now #UCL pic.twitter.com/tgZcOJ8397

— El Micha (@likemVI) February 15, 2017

Must be tough being an Arsenal fan, all jokes aside.

— WeAreChelseaFC (@WeAreChelseaFC) February 15, 2017

To be fair, those Arsenal fans who died in 2005 are the luckiest.

— Danny Welbeck (@WelBeast) February 15, 2017

Without the extra games later in the season, the players can concentrate on finishing in the top 4. #Arsenal #FCBvARS pic.twitter.com/dlCry0QCQI

— The Erm (@Nickipedia11) February 15, 2017

Arsenal always waiting for next season as if it's a tv series

— zakari duhu (@zaduhu) February 15, 2017

Ngolo Kante made as many tackles against Bayern Munich tonight as Francis Coquelin did for Arsenal.

And Kante wasn't in the country

— TimHowardsOffHisLine (@TimsBallPhobia) February 15, 2017

Will you buy Arsenal for free? #PenzaarvillePolls

— Brand Strategist (@Penzaarville) February 15, 2017

That Arsenal game was the most disastrous one legged performance I've seen since Pistorius heard someone flushing his toilet

— Ant Campbell (@acampbell68) February 15, 2017

Some things change
2015 PSG 1-3 Barcelona
2017 PSG 4-0 Barcelona

But some things neva change
2015 Bayern 5-1Arsenal
2017 Bayern 5-1 Arsenal

— Radio's Anchor (@TonyBekederemo) February 15, 2017

Ozil speaking about his former club Arsenal in the year 2056

"I think it's finally time for Wenger to leave" pic.twitter.com/Gxzd3IDA6I

— Daniel Soff (@Swagadore) February 15, 2017

Look @Arsenal. Look what you're doing to grown men 😩 pic.twitter.com/CPlsNCj0e4

— Mike Sanz (@mikesanz19) February 15, 2017

U can't even send an Arsenal fan a msg again.Told my cousin to bring d 5Alive in d fridge n he's takin it personal as if am nt an ASSNAL fan

— Tanee Romeo (@OFFICIAL_Tanee) February 15, 2017

When your mom assignes two more chores before even completing the first one😂😂😂😊😊 #Arsenal #UCL #bayernvsarsenal #BayernMunich #wengerout pic.twitter.com/yiY2fnHCUO

— Calvin (@CalvinMufc) February 15, 2017