The best jokes as Arsenal lose 4-1 to Chelsea in the Europa League final in Baku

Disappointing performance after travelling all that way.

Unai Emery will not want to countenance the funny tweets and jokes from the Europa League final after Chelsea beat Arsenal 4-1 in Baku
(Image: YouTube/BT Sport)

Arsenal were defeated in Wednesday night’s all-English Europa League final at the Baku Olympic Stadium with Chelsea recording a resounding 4-1 win to lift the trophy.

The decisive match in Azerbaijan was fraught with controversy and saw an abundance of empty seats with few fans there to support the teams involved.

Wow that firework display! Absolute scenes!! pic.twitter.com/6km7QeqIK3

— E Witzenheist (@EWitzenheist) May 29, 2019

This was following Arsenal’s decision not to bring Henrikh Mkhitaryan to the country due to ethnic tensions.

After a dull first half, Maurizio Sarri’s side strolled to victory and were three goals up within 20 minutes of the restart.


— Marco (@_emmegi) May 29, 2019

There was a brief glimmer of hope for a comeback when Alex Iwobi pulled one back but that was snuffed out when Eden Hazard scored his second goal of the game just 3 minutes later.

These were the best tweets and jokes as Chelsea beat Arsenal 4-1 in the Europa League final in Baku:


Unfair advantage for Arsenal in this Final with their home atmosphere

— Benj (@Beniesta_) May 29, 2019

*Arsenal Players in the Dressing Room*
“Let’s go bring this Trophy home lads” pic.twitter.com/XDtzqY8fvY

— Giroud’s Stepson (@Nuwaha17) May 29, 2019

Petr Cech, Chelsea's director of football is playing for Arsenal. #UELfinal #CheArs pic.twitter.com/t0Gc9B73M6

— Collins Sakwah Ongoma (@author_sakwah) May 29, 2019

Need to score before Arsenal bring on Ozil in the second half ffs

— Mod (@CFCMod_) May 29, 2019


First Mkhitaryan, now it appears Ozil, Aubameyang and Lacazette weren’t allowed to enter the country either. Absolute scandal.

— Tom Williams (@tomwfootball) May 29, 2019

Equalize or face consequence pic.twitter.com/eOzCKQKnp9

— Over The Bar (@7_30pm) May 29, 2019

Arsenal fans when they see Giroud score against Cech but then remember they’ve swapped clubs pic.twitter.com/yWaoDaz5l8

— ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) May 29, 2019


I thought Guendouzi was in the Arsenal squad tonight? pic.twitter.com/w62ZIPPI7I

— Karlan Grant FC (@KinkyKarlan) May 29, 2019

Arsenal need to tighten up at the back here or they’ll lose this

— . (@_Wash99) May 29, 2019

“Right Ozil, get warmed up – you’re coming off.” #Arsenal

— Roger Hannah (@Hannahnaman) May 29, 2019

Arsenal should bring on Mkhitaryan

— Jamie (@jmemc55) May 29, 2019


"Arsenal need to be careful in case this becomes embarrassing" Robbie Savage.

A bit late for that Rob.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) May 29, 2019


Cost of tickets: £120
Cost of flights: £900
Cost of hotel: £500
Seeing #AFC embarrassed in the #UELfinal: Priceless pic.twitter.com/nOANlfRqeD

— Odds Watch (@Odds_Watch) May 29, 2019

BREAKING: Arsenal trophy parade is cancelled as they fucked up the final and lost (sky sports news understands)

— Hashim (@CFCHash) May 29, 2019

Thank God I ate. Na to drown myself inside liquor.

I’m the only one with Arsenal jersey in this joint.

— Mazi Ibe (@MaziIbe_) May 29, 2019

Utter embarrassment for Arsenal. Travelling to the middle of nowhere to get slapped by their neighbours.

— RG (@registability) May 29, 2019


It’s not all bad for Arsenal, this Europa League campaign will prove great experience to take forward for next year’s Europa League campaign.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) May 29, 2019

When you realise you’ll be playing FC Narnia and Mordor again next season


— ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) May 29, 2019


Arsenal fans beginning the 24-hour journey home to London #UELfinal pic.twitter.com/RlBQAgT0vO

— Goal (@goal) May 29, 2019

If the Arsenal fans leave straight after the game, they’ll be home in time to watch Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League Final.

— Ollie Davis (@Ollie_Davis) May 29, 2019

Arsenal's European Trophies https://t.co/6bDEFtvkRf

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) May 29, 2019

Giroud says No https://t.co/t80EzIN5WB

— Mark Goldbridge (@markgoldbridge) May 29, 2019


— Ryan (@ryangoIdy8) May 29, 2019

When you give Arsenal a chance to touch European trophies pic.twitter.com/KsYXPFjOYH

— . (@Ifedotunxii) May 29, 2019

Arsenal fans trekking back to London #UELfinal pic.twitter.com/gjuQMe2337

— Sarr for Ballon d'Or (@RoyaleWitCheeez) May 29, 2019


Me dancing to the tears of my friends that support Arsenal pic.twitter.com/eTLQTGfpaJ

— FOLLOW @NL_VOSSI (@NLVossi) May 29, 2019





Amazing what playing with Arsenal for a few years will do to you. pic.twitter.com/xaDhNc2sUH

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) May 29, 2019