The best jokes as Arsenal lose 3-0 at Crystal Palace

Manager Arsène Wenger and his future once again the centre of attention.

There were lots more Wenger Out and Arsenal jokes after their 3-0 defeat at Crystal Palace
(Image: Gordon Flood)

Don’t miss this selection of the best jokes from Crystal Palace 3-0 Arsenal as fans of the north London club were up in arms following their relatively unexpectedly heavy defeat at Selhurst Park on Monday night.

In the only match of the night, under-pressure manager Arsène Wenger was once again the centre of attention as debate over his future at the club endures.

With a top four finish now unlikely, these were the best jokes as Arsenal lose 3-0 at Crystal Palace:

"You watching the Arsenal game?"

Me: pic.twitter.com/s4dwnYmocR

— Mike Sanz (@mikesanz19) April 10, 2017

Every team working hard to win the league. Meanwhile over at Arsenal… pic.twitter.com/zb8MiHpk14

— Stevie (@StevieC1989) April 10, 2017

Talk about a lack of progress for Arsenal under Wenger. The man still hasn't even learnt how to zip up a jacket for fuck sake. pic.twitter.com/30xo4ZuHgJ

— Ball Street (@BallStreet) April 10, 2017

I don't know about being the Granada manager, Tony Adams would still get a game for Arsenal.

— ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) April 10, 2017

Wilfred Zaha is literally abusing this Arsenal defence, and Wenger just sits there and doesn't call the police?!😡#WengerOut

— Hotspur Edition (@HotspurEdition) April 10, 2017

I know what'll finish Wenger off – a folded bit of A4 i've printed off at home #wengerout pic.twitter.com/XHJeLRZz2O

— Michael Murray (@mikemurray5) April 10, 2017

Arsenal's Granit Xhaka with a textbook 'squander possession cheaply, jog back half-heartedly, fall over inexplicably' #CPFCvAFC pic.twitter.com/uAofJwkCZp

— Jonny Abrams (@LordJonnyAbrams) April 10, 2017

"You are not fit to wear this shirt" pic.twitter.com/0DS7R0KxKH

— Pedro (@danskin1886) April 10, 2017

Bet Sutton United and Lincoln City are wondering how the fuck they lost to this Arsenal side.

— Andrew Allen (@AAllenSport) April 10, 2017

disgusting scenes at selhurst park as stewards force Arsenal fans to stay and watch the game pic.twitter.com/VqFpW6a4bg

— Naż (@NabardWaissi) April 10, 2017

Every time the camera points at the Palace bench……
Big Sam……..😂😂😂 #CPFCvAFC pic.twitter.com/YVMcBSB7D4

— 🔴⚪️Gooner Kev⚪️🔴 (@kevdavis736) April 10, 2017

@Arsenal Sanchez when he realises he still has to wait 3 months before he can join Chelsea. Stay strong bro @Alexis_Sanchez pic.twitter.com/szs49YCTrU

— Joey (@AntonioContbae) April 10, 2017

Always pic.twitter.com/Jju61K1JPm

— Tim (@CookPassTim) April 10, 2017

Form table

Chelsea WWWLWW

— Steve Harwood (@leedsyid) April 10, 2017

The viewing figures for Arsenal Fan TV tonight will be higher than the World Cup final

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) April 10, 2017

Arsenal Fan TV is bigger than Arsenal football club

— Ethan Payne (@Behzinga) April 10, 2017

Arsenal can still win the title if they win all of their games and no one else bothers playing until next season.

— Jon Andrews (@JonAndrews84) April 10, 2017

These PES 2017 graphics are so good you can actually see the disappointment in Alexis Sanchez's eyes when he plays for Arsenal… pic.twitter.com/muRdYBoaMW

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) April 10, 2017

Next season, Arsenal's badge will update their famous cannon to reflect its current state. pic.twitter.com/FxEzRPB8ER

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) April 10, 2017

A month ago Arsene Wenger told me he was the man to take Arsenal to the next level.

He obviously thinks very highly of the Europa League…

— Jake Humphrey (@mrjakehumphrey) April 10, 2017

I don't get why Arsenal fans seem to vent anger at not getting in the top 4, it's not like they do anything in the Champions League anyway.

— Zak (@LoveCescMagic) April 10, 2017

Who would do a better job as Arsenal manager next season?

RT for Gunnersaurus
LIKE for Wenger pic.twitter.com/WI33bDghJb

— Team FA (@TeamFA) April 10, 2017

lol mark my words

Robbie will eventually end up launching a Takeover bid for Arsenal pic.twitter.com/2C3dy9LkpW

— Daniel Soff (@Swagadore) April 10, 2017

I hope the person who got his face smashed by @united airlines doesn't support @Arsenal – that would be too much pain for one man #WengerOut

— Calum (@CalumchesterFC) April 10, 2017

Arsenal fans trying to get Wenger out of the club… pic.twitter.com/jnzGv8yABy

— TheFootballRepublic (@TheFootballRep) April 10, 2017

When wenger leaves I hope he leaves his iconic sleeping bag coat on the centre circle of the emirates like the undertaker at wrestlemania.

— Dan Stewart (@Im_Dan_Stewart) April 10, 2017