The best jokes as Aboubakar Kamara arrested at Fulham training ground

Metropolitan Police say a man in his 20s was taken into custody at a south London police station.

Fulham's training ground Motspur Park, where Aboubakar Kamara was reportedly arrested before all the jokes and tweets
(Image: sarflondondunc)

It is being widely reported that Fulham striker Aboubakar Kamara has been arrested on suspicion of actual bodily harm and criminal damage at the club’s training ground.

The Premier League side have said that the person arrested has been “banned indefinitely from all club activities”.

If confirmed, it’s the latest in a string of incidents involving the 23-year-old who moved to Fulham in 2017.

EXCLUSIVE: Fulham striker Aboubakar Kamara arrested after fight at Motspur Park HQ https://t.co/WwBhRTftmS

— Sami Mokbel (@SamiMokbel81_DM) January 23, 2019

Manager Claudio Ranieri said he “wanted to kill” the player when Kamara missed a penalty after taking the ball from designated taker Aleksandar Mitrović in a game against Huddersfield.

And, more recently, there were rumours of another bust-up between the pair during a team yoga session.

These were the best tweets and jokes as Aboubakar Kamara is reportedly arrested at Motspur Park:

I think it’s probably resolved now pic.twitter.com/uvYtrZOsfe

— Tom Hext (@tom_hext) January 23, 2019

12/29: Aboubakar Kamara takes penalty off MItrovic, misses, Ranieri wants to “kill him”
1/15: Kamara fights with Mitrovic at Fulham training ground, told to train with reserves.
1/22: Kamara arrested at training ground after fight with staffer

Think that’s it for Abou at FFC

— Kyle Bonn (@the_bonnfire) January 23, 2019

I wonder what life is like in the alternative reality where Kamara let Mitrovic take THAT penalty. pic.twitter.com/l0y25BPsl7

— Jared Dyer-Cross (@FPLFujtown) January 23, 2019

Aboubakar Kamara turning up to Motspur Park pic.twitter.com/pOmhMLy8BV

— Aldwyn Boscawen (@aboscawen) January 23, 2019


He wanted to take the pen in training but Mitrovic wouldn't give him the ball !!!!!!!

— Hawkeye_efc (@Hawkeye_efc) January 23, 2019


Guy still hasn't gotten over the fucking penalty

— Don Kopleone (@donkopleone) January 23, 2019

First thing he’s hit in months.

— Frank dyson (@mongodyso) January 23, 2019

Haha I’ve got a criminal in my FPL team @Lukewhelan13

— Joe Cowhig (@joecowhig13) January 23, 2019


Probably hit a team mates car with one of his shit penalties

— Lucas Brownlee (@LucasBrownlee14) January 23, 2019


Tony Khan, transferring his contract to AEW Wrestling as we speak.

— Luke Potter (@LukePotter1983) January 23, 2019

Would none of this have happened if he'd converted that penalty?

— Paul Murray (@paul_a_murray) January 23, 2019

Police, Kamara, Action.

— Sir Bob (@SirBobLichfield) January 23, 2019