The best jokes and tweets from Estonia 0-1 England

Twitter reacts as Roy Hodgson's side scrape a narrow win against ten men in Tallinn.

Wayne Rooney, whose goal in the Euro 2016 qualifier tempered the mood of the jokes and tweets from Estonia 0-1 England somewhat
SAVED OUR BLUSHES: Goalscorer Wayne Rooney (Image: Football.ua)

All the best jokes and tweets from Estonia 0-1 England as Roy Hodgson’s men scrape a narrow win against ten men in Tallinn and continue their progress towards Euro 2016 qualification.

The national side made it three wins out of three in Group E but the young squad once again failed to convince and live up to their supposed potential.

As an almost unpleasable Twitter reacts to seeing England struggle to score despite being afforded almost forty-five minutes following Ragnar Klavan’s red card, we’ve collected the best jokes and tweets from Estonia 0-1 England:

After Wembley some #eng fans flew to Helsinki, few beers, on to Riga, few beers, on to Tallinn, more beers. Now in a ground named after beer

— Henry Winter (@henrywinter) October 12, 2014

England are playing in red today as they are away, Clive

— Obvious Townsend (@ItsObviousAndy) October 12, 2014

When I heard we were wearing our red away kit I thought Estonia must have a white home kit but their kit is blue so we could have worn white

— Boring James Milner (@BoringMilner) October 12, 2014

Estonia's kit looks like it came in individual cellophane bags marked "Soccer Strip!" from the Pound Shop.

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) October 12, 2014

MISSING: Wayne Rooney’s first touch. If found please return to Estonia

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) October 12, 2014

This England game has all the excitement and entertainment of an England game.

— Jason (@NickMotown) October 12, 2014

SUMMARY: England vs Estonia 1st half in one vine. https://t.co/2UL56Bs3Qu

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) October 12, 2014

Watching England with a hangover like.. pic.twitter.com/5bsRDhJB62

— Sunday League Footy (@SundayChants) October 12, 2014

Looks like Sterling might be coming on soon. He's stripping off his pyjamas #tired #EstvEng

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) October 12, 2014

England have as much chance of winning the euro championship as Judy Murray has winning strictly

— Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) October 12, 2014

Just take a moment to remember that the Premier League was cancelled this weekend so we could watch this dire crap. #england

— Mark Robinson (@robboma3) October 12, 2014


— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 12, 2014

Scraping a 1-0 win against a 10 man Estonia pic.twitter.com/sRA2VqSMbG

— Ca'rlton (@_CarltonCole9) October 12, 2014

Captain Rooney is too happy for his winner against Estonia http://t.co/WBHmFunQAk

— Football Vines (@FootballVines) October 12, 2014

I can hardly contain my excitement for Euro 2016 after that thumping 1-0 victory over 10-man Estonia.

— Tom (@FourFourTom) October 12, 2014

Well done England. You are beating a country where the currency is goats and daughters

— Ca'rlton (@_CarltonCole9) October 12, 2014

There is just no stopping England these days.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) October 12, 2014