The best jokes ahead of FIFA 18 release at midnight

The saga comes to an end overnight.

The jokes continued ahead of the FIFA 18 release at midnight
SHOPPING AT NIGHT: Gamers (Image: Robert Claypool)

As the FIFA 18 release saga finally drew to a close at midnight on Thursday, these were the best of the jokes.

Eager gamers are staying up late tonight, despite a certain amount of criticism of the game from a privileged few who received it early.

With few other titles to amuse, this is a selection of the best jokes prior to FIFA 18’s midnight release:

Your mcm spent £90 on the Fifa 18 icon edition and then another £50 on packs. He's now in his overdraft.

— Nathan (@Nath_S95) 27 September 2017

you, a simpleton: I've just pissed away £70 on the new fifa
me, an intellectual: pic.twitter.com/omo9rq0WyK

— liam (@_liambane) 27 September 2017

On the day FIFA was released my girlfriend left me this. I don't deserve her…#FIFA18 pic.twitter.com/eCXeoL0mHI

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 28 September 2017

When I see FIFA 18 in the shop with bae https://t.co/0K2q6Xgbed

— RCJ (@RasclartRico) 28 September 2017

Get a women like this to be yours #fifa18 pic.twitter.com/MTlRs9rAKC

— Tom 🌚 (@PassingPrince) September 26, 2017

When you can't afford to buy FIFA 18 pic.twitter.com/0S1r8zIY6n

— ItalianFootballTV (@IFTVofficial) 28 September 2017

Thought I was a proper lass ordering Josh Fifa turns out it hasn't even came out and I've ordered last years eh class

— Katie Gallon (@Katiegallon__) 28 September 2017

FIFA being sold early in Kilmarnock, thank me later pic.twitter.com/5pPU76mrCJ

— Brandon (@Brandon_1872) 28 September 2017

Generic Fifa tweets for tomorrow..

• Your 'girlfriend' left you Fifa, food and beer because she had 'work'

• Strap Fifa 18 into a car seat

— Jimmy Hart (@JimmyHart_) 28 September 2017

Her: He's probably thinking about other girls…

Him: Need to decide what PL striker I'm going to buy first…#FIFA18 pic.twitter.com/CXIL3eLD56

— BenchWarmers ⚽️ (@BeWarmers) September 26, 2017

The same girl has a little brother who is currently on Fifa 15 ☹️

— SC: ShoRizzy (@ShoRizzy) 28 September 2017

Your MCM still plays FIFA 13

— Joe Musashi (@bamzyempire) 28 September 2017

Completed it mate

— Jack 'Pie' McDermott (@the_pieface) 28 September 2017


— wilky (@mattwilkinson_) 28 September 2017

#FIFA18 night. Look what my GF left for me. Don't deserve her 😍 pic.twitter.com/f5OcLqdzDD

— Sascha (loves Jake) (@VIPswiiift) September 25, 2017

Just seen this on Facebook; the cash exchange value of FIFA 17 tomorrow… pic.twitter.com/5V7ZAVOo2Z

— KingMonkey (@kingmonkey25) 28 September 2017

Before you all run out to buy Fifa 18 at midnight , let me just tell you all now, its fucking dog shit

— West Ham Fan TV (@westhamfantv) 28 September 2017

The ref is Black and white ?? 😂😂 #fifa18 @MattHDGamer pic.twitter.com/MwN0gorNSd

— Kevin Karlsen (@mrkillahk) September 26, 2017