The best jokes after women in FIFA 16 feature announcement

Revelation was greeted with mostly quite sexist jokes.

There will be women in FIFA 16, this is Alex Morgan in action for USA
IN THE GAME: Alex Morgan (Image: Business Wire)

After it was revealed that there will be women in FIFA 16, reportedly one of the most requested features in recent years, these are the best jokes as Twitter was both sexist and pleased.

The game will make 12 national teams available to use in Match Day, Offline Tournament Mode, and Online Friendlies – including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China PR, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and USA.

Some were excited but most turned into male chauvinists, don’t miss the best women in FIFA 16 jokes:

Imagine a career mode in FIFA 16 where you scout a 15 year old girl and get locked up and the game ends

— Aidan (@Aidrianoo) May 28, 2015

FIFA 16 career mode- 'Your star striker will be out for 9 months due to pregnancy'

— BiblicalShart (@BiblicalShart) May 28, 2015

So much banter about Fifa 16 and the introduction of women football. "Can they swap shirts at the end of the game" best one so far…

— Zac Englander (@MrZaccE) May 28, 2015

So.. FIFA16 will feature Women's Football. I wonder who will feature on the front cover to represent them. My money is on Samir Nasri.

— FK² (@fkhanage) May 28, 2015

'She has period pains Martin but I think she will be able to carry on' #FIFA16

— Jonny O'Sullivan (@Jonnyo_96) May 28, 2015

I don’t need feismm don’t be hard on men complaining about women in FIFA 16. They are just scared because they’ve never scored with a woman.

— WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) May 28, 2015

John Terry aproves FIFA 16 with Womens Football

— Lucas Samuels (@lucas_samuels) May 28, 2015

Banter when female footballers are all rated like 60 in FIFA 16 and feminists rage

— ⠀ (@crowej_) May 28, 2015

Women's #FIFA16 stats Pace – 15 Shooting – 11 Cooking – 84 Moaning – 99

— Luke Hodge (@LukeHodge_) May 28, 2015

Imagine trying to control the females on FIFA 16, but they don't move because they're independent and don't need a man making decisions.

— The FOOTBALL Bible (@TFBible_) May 28, 2015

FIFA 16 Career Mode w/ Women: "I'd like to sit out the game today." "What's wrong?" "Nothing, I'm fine." "Okay" "YOU DONT EVEN CARE DO YOU"

— UK Banter (@UKBanter) May 28, 2015

always wondered how olive oil could be EXTRA virgin then i saw some of the dudes complaining about women being in #FIFA16 now i get it

— Glenn Wool (@GlennWool) May 28, 2015

FIFA16 career: Manager: "I heard you have a issue with your contract, what's wrong" Woman: "If you really knew me you'd know what's wrong"

— FootyHumour (@FootyHumour) May 28, 2015

A man controlling a woman and what she does… Feminists won't be happy with FIFA16.

— Career Mode Legends (@LegendsOfCareer) May 28, 2015