The best jokes as Wayne Hennessey appears to perform Nazi salute in Instagram photo

Crystal Palace goalkeeper has since stated that "any resemblance to that kind of gesture is absolutely coincidental".

There were lots of Wayne Hennessey 'Nazi salute' jokes and tweets after the Crystal Palace goalkeeper appeared to perform the gesture associated with Hitler in a squad photo, but he denies it
(Image: Steindy)

Crystal Palace goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey has been pictured appearing to make a Nazi salute in a photo that featured in German teammate Max Meyer’s now-expired Instagram story.

The 31-year-old Wales international has been forced to deny making the offensive Sieg Heil gesture, synonymous with Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, while the squad ate together.

The photo for reference pic.twitter.com/9va5wPK2nX

— Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards (@_DHOTYA) January 6, 2019

Hennessey is shown with one hand raised and the other covering his mouth on Saturday night following a 1-0 home win over Grimsby in the FA Cup third round.

He has since claimed that he “waved and shouted at the person taking the picture to get on with it and at the same time put my hand over my mouth to make the sound carry”.

This is a big selection of the best tweets and jokes after Wayne Hennessey’s ‘Nazi salute’ in the now-infamous Instagram photo and his subsequent denial:


wayne henazi

— ben (@benmullan_) January 6, 2019


— J W (@DevizesWolves) January 6, 2019

There's a reason why they call Wayne Hennessey safe Hans.

— SW (@WonkyKroenke) January 7, 2019

Wayne Hennessey right now. pic.twitter.com/Gn2nL1UAcU

— Paul Connolly (@PaulCon1996) January 7, 2019



Wayne Hennessey after the photo was taken pic.twitter.com/81QcsXnRKN

— gar (@GatyHernop) January 7, 2019

If the excuse isn’t ‘bantz’ I will be disappointed

— Rob G ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ (@shearersbuddy) January 6, 2019



— Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards (@_DHOTYA) January 6, 2019


“…and then I started pointing to my shoulder and to the window and said there was HAIL. And then I told the waitress I preferred concentrated juice, not concentrated je…”

— Fake Carlton (@_CarltonCole9) January 7, 2019




— Paul (@thedeicider04) January 6, 2019

So all those years of people accusing Hitler and his men of saluting he was just trying to make himself heard.

Thanks for clearing that up Wayne.

— Lord Milder (@d_milder) January 7, 2019


Wayne Hennessey is absolutely not doing a Nazi salute to his GERMAN teammate. Definitely not.

He just shouted and wanted the sound of him yelling “Heil Hitler” to carry across the room, that’s all. pic.twitter.com/gkJkP4yaGK

— Simon Carline (@simoncarline) January 7, 2019

I'd hate to see Wayne Hennessey trying to flag down a taxi.

— ant. (@FattusAntus) January 7, 2019



When did Wayne Hennessey join the Labour Party? https://t.co/vIk5wS7gbG

— Harry Barnes* (@HarryBarnes1) January 6, 2019

My thought process…"why are the white and black players sitting seperatel…oh"#wwfc #waynehennessey https://t.co/F90o0xUANn

— Ben Jacklin (@BenJacklin) January 7, 2019

Wayne Hennessey is going to have murder next time he tries to organise a wall pic.twitter.com/FGjWi5Z39Q

— Andy Heaton (@Andrew_Heaton) January 7, 2019


Great choice of photo that

— Lyle Matthews (@LyleRMatthews) January 6, 2019

Footballers need to stop taking pics

— Chris Lepkowski (@chrislepkowski) January 6, 2019

I'd be more concerned about his 6 fingers! pic.twitter.com/OMMgLWAxeO

— Chris (@christwm1) January 6, 2019



Ta-ra. pic.twitter.com/d9cBjT7HOr

— Thomas Young (@ThomBomb17) January 6, 2019



If Wayne Hennessey is a nazi then that is not on.

— Gary (@gary2042) January 7, 2019