The best jokes after plans to twin teams with prisons and train inmates as referees

Twinning Project supported by Wenger, Wright and former Arenal vice-chairman Dein.

The Twinning Project aims to train prisoners as referees and coaches, but there were jokes
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Announced earlier this week, the Twinning Project aims to tackle the high rate of reoffending by matching clubs with prisons in order to help the incarcerated become referees at the end of their sentence.

Former Arenal vice-chairman David Dein says he came up with the idea of visiting prisons while shaving.

With support from Arsène Wenger and Ian Wright, the scheme hopes to begin helping prisoners rehabilitate by offering coaching/refereeing courses, supported by Premier League clubs.

But, so far, Dein admits the offering is “patchy” and reaction from the public has been mixed.

These were the best jokes after plans to twin teams with prisons and train inmates as referees:


So we might see Adam Johnson back on the pitch after all

— Steve (@steverh87) October 31, 2018



We'll have refs that rob you on the pitch in the afternoon, then your house at night.

— David Reed (@71slacknuts) October 31, 2018

That’s one way to stop people arguing with referees!

— Nico (@nick4768) October 31, 2018

HM Prisons are warzones and should be twinned with areas in conflict around the world.

— Max Hood (@godwontlikethis) October 31, 2018

After last weeks performance from John moss I think he should go to prison and find his level!

— nil satis nisi optimum (@miltyt) October 31, 2018

So basically go to prison and then will help you get a full time job at a premier league club

— Richard Garnett (@GarnettLD) October 31, 2018