The best jokes after cat interrupts Everton vs Wolves

Briefly lightened the mood for home fans in the second half at Goodison Park.

There were Everton cat jokes and tweets after this pitch invasion during their game against Wolves
(Image: Twitter/Sky Sports)

A cat got onto the pitch at Goodison Park and brought Everton’s match against Wolves to a halt on Saturday afternoon.

With the hosts already losing 1-3, the second half was interrupted when the feline intruder was spotted near the halfway line.

Cat on the pitch #WWFC #EVEWOL pic.twitter.com/wcOKpixGmf

— Tom Rouse (@rouseeverywknd) February 2, 2019

Everyone watched as it ran around the ground, then towards one of the penalty areas before being led towards an exit.

These were the best Everton cat jokes and tweets after their defeat to Wolves was held up by the animal’s pitch invasion:





Look how angry that cat is…must be a season ticket holder #EVEWOL pic.twitter.com/70F7nbs6sc

— Steph Loftus (@stephiedoodle11) February 2, 2019

#EVEWOL Tiddles sent on to disrupt Wolves pic.twitter.com/rmx1Tt7lW7

— Mick (@RemeMick) February 2, 2019

Black cat heatmap. Certainly made an impact with its brief cameo. #EVEWOL #BlackCat pic.twitter.com/oLmzAC582m

— Brynjólfur Ólafsson (@OlafssonPrime) February 2, 2019


Amazing. It's not easy catching a cat trust me I know. All the best stewards, do you have any dreamies? #EVEWOL pic.twitter.com/c1IS0kr5yP

— Dmack (@Dmack4142) February 2, 2019


Sign him/her up. #CatStopsPlay #EVEWOL pic.twitter.com/Bo2A9QSM3O

— Bazza7676 (@Bazza7676) February 2, 2019


announce cat now #wwfc pic.twitter.com/pA1UbAfKCc

— Liam Baddams (@liambaddams1998) February 2, 2019

What's the best way to get #EVEWOL abandoned? Asking for a friend..@Everton @Wolves

— Goodison cat (@Goodisoncat2) February 2, 2019



Clearly time wasting! #wwfc #EVEWOL pic.twitter.com/k4YfhEuYCQ

— Phil Owen (@flowin74) February 2, 2019

No, Bandit did not escape to the northwest of England to save Everton from itself. She’s right here watching with me. #EVEWOL pic.twitter.com/FeOom49Sfo

— Jonathan Leigh (@jltoronto) February 2, 2019


Well played, son. #EveWol #CatOfTheMatch pic.twitter.com/EEb8ACxMaJ

— Ben Hunt (@benjhunt) February 2, 2019