The best jokes after a dominant Mamadou Sakho performance in Dortmund

Sometimes erratic defender produces quality in Europa League quarter-final first leg.

Pleased with his performance, the player won't mind looking at the Mamadou Sakho jokes following Borussia Dortmund 1-1 Liverpool
BACKHO: Sakho (Image: Jon Candy)

These were the best jokes after Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho produced a quality performance against Borussia Dortmund as the two sides saw out a 1-1 draw in Germany, in their Europa League quarter-final first leg last night.

The sometimes erratic French international masterfully kept his opponents at bay in the clash billed as ‘El Kloppico’ due to Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp’s previous association with the Bundesliga club.

One block in particular drew the plaudits, when the 6 ft 2 in centre-back threw his body in the way of a shot from Armenian midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan that looked destined for the net.

Check out this selection of the best jokes after Mamadou Sakho’s dominance in Dortmund in the Europa League quarter-final first leg that finished Borussia Dortmund 1-1 Liverpool:

Some early signs here that Mamadou Sakho has turned up and not his evil twin brother.

— The Kop (@TheKop) April 7, 2016


— LFC Fans Corner (@LFCFansCorner) April 7, 2016

I'm convinced Sakho has made more blocks in the area than Mignolet this season. #LFC

— Nik Postinger (@nikpostinger) April 7, 2016

"He dived like he was a goalkeeper" @ConorMcNamaraIE

Sakho brilliantly prevents #LFC from going behind#BVBLIV pic.twitter.com/WNCYU7MkuN

— BBC 5 live Sport (@5liveSport) April 7, 2016

Sakho has got this, #LFC fans! #DorLiv pic.twitter.com/jGtWFSiVCG

— KICK (@KICK) April 7, 2016

Sakho clearly got distracted by a beautiful Scouse dog there.

— J✖️E (@wilhelmjve) April 7, 2016

He's like a new born giraffe (sakho) #BVBLFC

— John Oster (@johnnyost) April 7, 2016


— Diana Kristinne (@DianaKristinne) April 7, 2016

Sakho says NEIN!

— Liverpool FC 360 (@LFC_360) April 7, 2016

The best description of Sakho is saying he plays how Optimus Prime would play football

— Mr Fantastik (@MrScripto) April 7, 2016

You know footballers are brave because if I was running toward Sakho and he stirred, I would just stop and give him the ball, apologizing.

— Soci No. 101,978 (@kevvwill) April 7, 2016

Watching Sakho play is very entertaining. Off the ball he's like Paolo Maldini. On it however… #BVBLFC

— Adam Boultwood (@adamboultwood) April 7, 2016

Sakho likes defending so much that he deliberately gifts opponents chances just so he can swipe them away again.

— Kop·ol·o·gy (@Kopology) April 7, 2016

Sakho is awesome. He's like a drunk Baresi

— Barney Ronay (@barneyronay) April 7, 2016

Great picture of Sakho from today's game pic.twitter.com/N0cec5lkxu

— The_Lil_Magician (@Lil_Magician10) April 7, 2016

Who needs condoms when you've got Mamadou Sakho, that lad could be used as contraception he blocks that much.

— Dan (@EmreDann) April 7, 2016

Sakho v BVB:

100% aerial duels won.
3 blocks.
2 clearances.
1 interception.

Captain material. pic.twitter.com/kwecOZKjZ4

— Kloppholic (@Kloppholic) April 7, 2016

Sakho's defensive style…https://t.co/3JDdqCNejn

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 7, 2016

Sakho has won absolutely everything. If you don't rate him you probably drink sparkling water so i don't value your opinion.

— Joe Gomezinho (@CarraGabs) April 7, 2016

Aubameyang, last seen in Sakho's pocket pic.twitter.com/yikAv3jMJM

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) April 7, 2016

Only god knows if Sakho is a good defender or not cos I doubt any human knows the answer

— Mohammed Atef (@TypicalAtef) April 7, 2016