The best jokes about Andre Gray’s tweets as old messages cause outrage

Highly offensive comments unearthed on day he helps Burnley beat Liverpool.

There were jokes about Andre Gray's tweets after his old, offensive and homophobic comments were discovered on the day he helped Burnley beat Liverpool
Scene of the crime (Image: Colin)

After an outrageous array of old but mean, offensive and homophobic messages were unearthed on the day he helped Burnley to beat Liverpool 2-0, these are the best of the jokes about Andre Gray’s tweets.

Shortly after they came to light on Saturday, screenshots of the now hastily deleted, astoundingly mean comments were circulating on the social network.

Ruining what might have been a special day for the striker after his first Premier League goal, these are the best of the jokes about Andre Gray’s tweets following the discovery:

Andre Gray's agent rn pic.twitter.com/68GANSlayx

— Will (@Will__NE) August 20, 2016

Andre Gray when he checks his phone.. pic.twitter.com/bFBMgE9KIC

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) August 20, 2016

Andre Gray was 21 when he tweeted racist and homophobic things. This is what Phil Jones tweeted when he was 21 pic.twitter.com/TmZJ5YfDJz

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) August 20, 2016

Andre Gray is gonna go on twitter and be gassed to see himself trending until he opens up his mentions

— MK (@Jewneeb) August 20, 2016

Andre Gray going through all of his social media history https://t.co/iZf2HlCqjN

— Football Burp (@FootballBurp) August 20, 2016

Andre Gray deleting tweets quicker than Usain Bolt in an Olympic final.

— J.O'B (@chanceig) August 20, 2016

Andre Gray reacting to his old tweets being retweeted https://t.co/Q90S9QeEzn

— Ethan (@BodinIsMagic) August 20, 2016

when andre gray scores against you but you dig up his old tweets https://t.co/3vkzV1G3pL

— SG (@CloakOfVader) August 20, 2016

As punishment, @AndreGray7 should have to play every game without the 'R' on the back of his shirt.

— Gaz (@CantonaManc) August 20, 2016

Door unlocks and Andre Gray walks in
Paul Grange: "Liverpool twitter?"
Andre Gray: *nods solemnly*

— . (@FourFourCou) August 20, 2016

The side of Andre Gray the media will not show you, smh https://t.co/GPwMU6bUqr

— Nik (@Viva_United7) August 20, 2016

yer da thinks andre gray is a good role

— Every Possible Tweet (@EPT_bot) August 20, 2016

They're retweeting these Andre Gray tweets to distract you from the brutal death of our Harambe. Never forget 😔 RIP pic.twitter.com/NKtvfE76TB

— Dee (@d1257_) August 20, 2016

Fantasy football have docked Andre Gray 1 point for his tweets from four years ago.

— Balls.ie (@ballsdotie) August 20, 2016

Andre Gray's agent telling him to delete those tweets pic.twitter.com/kq9obGOQK1

— James Trouser (@richerjam) August 20, 2016

Andre Gray's PR team right now. pic.twitter.com/6wjJNHuSg9

— Mike Vaughan (@Mike_Vaughan) August 20, 2016

"@AndreGray7: Haha it's all a big misunderstanding, some woman called Katie Hopkins stole my phone and thought she was being funny"

— #BWIGM (@JamzLdn) August 20, 2016

I feel about Walcott how Andre Gray feels about gays

— Tosí (@afcTosi) August 20, 2016

Note to self. Never stroke Andre Gray

— Cartlon Cole (@_CarltonCole9) August 20, 2016

Andre Gray wrote some really vile stuff back in the day, hope he is arrested for this pic.twitter.com/8EXR1hfSDU

— Billie (@Billie_T) August 20, 2016

Bet Andre Gray proper wishes he didn't score today now

— Jamie (@Sinclair1875) August 20, 2016

BREAKING | Andre Gray Retires at a very young age after a 24 year old virgin says he's finished pic.twitter.com/FFQDmbOTjk

— Alex (@LVOAlex) August 20, 2016

Andre Gray's agent speaking to him about his old tweets pic.twitter.com/nckZKwWf36

— ㅤ (@IbraFIicks) August 20, 2016

As if Andre Gray's night could get any worse, Joey Barton volunteers himself as a character reference. Ace.

— Lee Nicholas (@DawsonsLeftPeg) August 20, 2016

@Joey7Barton @AndreGray7 Heard he helps old people cross the road

— J (@J_BHAFC) August 20, 2016

"We start at Burnley where Andre Gray is slagging off gays…"

— harryfre (@HarryFremantle) August 20, 2016