The best John Terry jokes as racist Chelsea fans storm Paris Metro

Shock footage shows some Chelsea fans preventing a black man from boarding a train on the Paris Métro.

John Terry jokes include this picture
MEMED: Terry (Image: Twitter/@LivingJoke)

Wince your way through the best John Terry jokes to have been tweeted in the wake of shock footage showing some Chelsea fans preventing a black man from boarding a train on the Paris Métro.

MORE CHELSEA RACISM: Chelsea fans seize Paris Métro

The supporters, who were on their way back from Chelsea’s 1-1 Champions League draw at Paris Saint-Germain, were further shamed when some of their number began chanting “we’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it”.

Lots of people on Twitter made the sad connection with Terry’s 2012 racism case against Anton Ferdinand, which received a verdict of not guilty.

So, uh, here are the best John Terry jokes to have emerged from this whole sorry episode…

good to know that John Terry is somewhere, smiling to himself, and muttering "I'm racist, I'm racist, and that's the way I like it"

— Rick Edwards (@rickedwards1) February 18, 2015

Was John terry was john terry was john terry on the train… Was John terry on the train.

— A D D Y (@BIackGooner) February 18, 2015

John Terry has reacted angrily to footage of Chelsea fans singing a racist song. "They're completely off-key," he said.

— HaveIGotNewsForYou (@haveigotnews) February 18, 2015

Shocking footage emerges appearing to show Chelsea captain John Terry racially abusing a black man on Paris train. pic.twitter.com/01faBlEPL8

— Tom (@livingjoke) February 18, 2015

I see John Terry took the train home after last nights game http://t.co/qM4IJBODfO

— Glenn Foster (@QPRHelm) February 18, 2015

A guy on Twitter trying to defend the chant by saying it's about John Terry. Because that makes it OK.

— Joel (@Joelrond) February 18, 2015

John Terry wears this, the irony is next level. pic.twitter.com/09LwdAm7nf

— Steven Gerrard (@LFCChris_) February 17, 2015

If you want eradicate racism you have to start from the top, publicly Hang John Terry at Trafalgar square.

— El Pequeño Magö (@GeneralAFC) February 17, 2015

And one from the match itself…

John Terry: both sides were feeling each other and we managed to get one up. Genuine quote. What a pest.

— Football Cartoons (@442oons) February 17, 2015