The best #JimWhiteFacts on transfer deadline day

Because, after all, what would Sky Sports News Transfer Deadline Day be without the silver-haired Scottish hype man?

Jim White, subject of the #JimWhiteFacts tweets, on transfer deadline day
It’ll be all White on the night (Image: Twitter/Ian O Sullivan)

What would Sky Sports News Transfer Deadline Day be without silver-haired Scottish hype man Jim White? Well, you wouldn’t have all these #JimWhiteFacts for starters.


Oh, and a happy and prosperous Deadline Day to all our readers! No doubt you’re all huddled around Sky Sports News with your doting family bringing you a steady supply of beers and snacks.

Now, let’s make with the funny…

@TheLadBible @TheOddsBible Jim white reported the moment he was conceived, using the phrase "This just in". #JimWhiteFacts

— Harry. S. M (@harryseb1) February 2, 2015

Most babies cry when they are born Jim White shouted breaking news when he was born. #JimWhiteFacts

— Joseph Carlsson (@joecarlo_joe) February 2, 2015

He doesn't sleep in a bed the night before deadline day #JimWhiteFacts pic.twitter.com/7ClRDAQ7oX

— Mark Robinson (@MrMCRobinson) February 2, 2015

Jim White doesn't eat food. He feeds solely on transfer speculation. #JimWhiteFacts

— TheODDSbible (@TheOddsBible) February 2, 2015

@TheOddsBible the first transfer Jim White announced was Moses and the Jews leaving Egypt on a free #jimwhitefacts

— Tom Conn (@Tomconn1) February 2, 2015

Played in six World Snooker Championship finals, lost them all. #JimWhiteFacts pic.twitter.com/WTsoTJGmGT

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) February 2, 2015

Jim White had private scouts to scout the three wise men's arrival at the stable. #JimWhiteFacts

— Michael (@bainbridgif) February 2, 2015