The best Jimmy Bullard shirt jokes after BBC appearance

His unbuttoned top provoked quite a reaction from viewers of the BBC's FA Cup coverage on Sunday.

Everyone made Jimmy Bullard's shirt after seeing his appearance as a pundit for the BBC's coverage of the Arsenal v Hull City FA Cup tie
UNBUTTONED: Jimmy Bullard’s shirt (Image: Twitter/Football Likealooks)

We’ve collected all the best Jimmy Bullard shirt jokes after the former Hull midfielder’s unbuttoned top provoked quite a reaction from viewers of the BBC’s FA Cup coverage on Sunday.

Although the chirpy recent I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! contestant was brought in as a pundit by the public-service broadcaster to provide an added insight into Arsenal’s clash with his old side, more attention was paid to his outfit than his analysis of the football.

Bullard’s bare chest was clearly visible on live TV while the former player gave his views on the game.

Even Bullard himself was quick to proclaim:

Think my shirt has broken my Twitter

— Jimmy Bullard (@jimmybullard) January 4, 2015

Check out this selection of the best Jimmy Bullard shirt jokes as his dress sense is called into question following his appearance on the BBC for the FA Cup tie between Arsenal and Hull City:

Jimmy Bullard will appear on next week's #TakeMeOut. pic.twitter.com/qidvl3LjIi

— Mike P Williams (@Mike_P_Williams) January 4, 2015

Bullard looks like an aging stripper.

— John Nicholson (@JohnnyTheNic) January 4, 2015

Jimmy bullard looks like he runs a bar in marbella

— Josh (@Tidy_Darts) January 4, 2015

Jimmy Bullard looks like the embodiment of a treatable but embarrassing venereal disease.

— Daniel Storey (@danielstorey85) January 4, 2015

Nice shirt Jimmy Bullard is almost wearing.

— Nick Miller (@NickMiller79) January 4, 2015

Didn't think the BBC allowed low cut tops on until after the watershed. Well done Jimmy Bullard.

— Peter McDowall (@Petermcdowall10) January 4, 2015

Alan Shearer wears the grin of a man who convinced his fellow pundit it was 'Russell Brand' fancy dress tonight… pic.twitter.com/5IJMXHd5jp

— The Media Blog (@TheMediaTweets) January 4, 2015

Ah, Jimmy Bullard. Reminds me I really must get the chimneys swept.

— Arsenal Gentleman (@ArsenalGent) January 4, 2015

Hi @BBCSport, I've buttoned up Jimmy Bullard's shirt for you. No charge… pic.twitter.com/03fW04SrlE

— The Media Blog (@TheMediaTweets) January 4, 2015

Jimmy Bullard is literally one shirt button away from disaster.

— cluedont (@cluedont) January 4, 2015

Why's Jimmy Bullard dressed like a Colombian drug lord on route to the hottest salsa night in Miami???

— Esto (@esto227) January 4, 2015

Jimmy Bullard looking a bit rough tonight. #hcafc pic.twitter.com/kAyV5lcNCl

— Ian Berriman (@ianberriman) January 4, 2015

State of Lineker and Shearer all overdressed on the BBC. They look like right pricks next to Jimmy Bullard

— KeithTheGooner (@KeithTheGooner) January 4, 2015

Jimmy Bullard will have his trousers off to reveal his leopard skin thong by full time. pic.twitter.com/ZEMHAJI683

— Niall McGarry (@MrNiallMcGarry) January 4, 2015

Jimmy Bullard is 100% wearing the same clothes from last night and he's been on the chisel

— Matthew John Wright (@ashton2727) January 4, 2015

"Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy." Stringfellow and Bullard. Father and son. Christmas number 1 2015. pic.twitter.com/83d4aRPeMV

— ByTheMin Sport (@ByTheMinSport) January 4, 2015

What number do I have to dial to evict Jimmy Bullard?

— Daley (@DaleyAFC) January 4, 2015

Shearer and Bullard a wonderfully awkward pair in the studio. The military dad with his daughter's eccentric older boyfriend.

— Dafydd Pritchard (@DafPritchard) January 4, 2015

If Match of the Day had just added a mirror ball Jimmy Bullard could probably have got away with another button… pic.twitter.com/BidqkzklUE

— The Media Blog (@TheMediaTweets) January 4, 2015