The best #JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy jokes after Nando’s date

The best #JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy jokes after Adnan Januzaj's budget Nando's date was revealed by The Sun newspaper.

Nando's gift card for Adnan Januzaj, following the #JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy jokes
Gift card… For Adnan (Image: Twitter/Nando’s)

We collect the best #JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy jokes after Adnan Januzaj’s budget Nando’s date was revealed by The Sun newspaper.

According to student Melissa McKenzie, she was whisked off by the Manchester United youngster to the chicken restaurant for their first date.

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Januzaj splashed out on an £18 spicy chicken meal which was reportedly shared by the couple, while McKenzie was said to have contributed £5 toward parking expenses.

The cost of the evening came under much scrutiny on Twitter yesterday, leading to a collection of fantastic #JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy jokes:

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy that waits for his penny change.

— TheSPORTBible (@TSBible) January 27, 2014

@TSBible #JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy to buy a pirate copy to watch with a girl instead of taking her to the cinema

— G Pizzle (@georgepickles2) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy who asks for a receipt at a toll bridge

— Paul Murphy (@PaulMurphy34) January 27, 2014

@TSBible #JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy that brings salad to a barbecue

— ? (@birchie97) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy that takes penny's from the fountain

— Ben Wright (@BenWright_) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy to use a trolley token instead of a pound coin

— MJH (@MatthewJHolmes) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy who reads all the terms and conditions

— Jack Turner (@Jack_Turner2) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy pic.twitter.com/2SKcQAf4IS

— Josh Patrick (@JoshPatrick96) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy that shops round pound world for bargains

— Paul Murphy (@PaulMurphy34) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy to book a £9.50 holiday with The Sun newspaper… @TSBible

— Kenington (@miikeken) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy that would leave the pub when it was his round. @TSBible

— Jade Stamate (@JaStamate) January 27, 2014

@TSBible #JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy who texts his team mates and asks for an Orange Wednesday code.

— Michael Vaughan (@Mike_Vaughan) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy that makes a new hotmail every month to get the Netflix free trial

— Ben tennant (@B_Tennant) January 27, 2014

@TSBible #JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy that takes his own popcorn to the cinema

— Mark Whitehead (@mark__whitehead) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy That still buys child tickets on a train @TSBible

— Jansh (@Janshyyy) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy uses his next door neighbours wifi to save money @TSBible

— Luke Schofield (@LukeSchofield93) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy that rings you and hangs up so you have to ring him back to save his credit! @TSBible

— Jonny Duffin ? (@jonny_duffin) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy that buys a happy meal to get his little brother a birthday present. @SportHumour

— Tom (@tom_janbari) January 27, 2014

Who only signs free agents in career mode on #Fifa14 @TSBible

— Mohamed Raaziq (@moraaziq) January 27, 2014

that wears his school uniform on the last day of school, so he doesn't have to give that 50p to charity. @SportHumour

— #Sinu. ? (@sinu_suresh) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy who cuts toothpaste in half to make sure he gets full worth pic.twitter.com/GRV1r0yHhv

— Mr Cynical Vindi (@VindiTweets) January 27, 2014

that downloads free trials and cancels after 29days.

— Teddy Edwardes (@TeddyEdwardes) January 27, 2014

#januzajisthetypeofguy to fill shampoo bottles with water and give them a shake to get the last bit out

— Robert Verity (@Robert_Verity) January 27, 2014

who fills his pockets with these so he doesn't have to buy salt for a few weeks … pic.twitter.com/BC0J3zfkRz

— Fan Frames (@fan_frames) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy that picks you up on his bike to save petrol.

— Jade Stamate (@JaStamate) January 27, 2014

to take the wallpaper with him when he moves house.

— George Ray (@GeorgeRayy) January 27, 2014

#JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy to get two cups of tea out of one teabag

— Dylan (@Dylan_Hurley) January 27, 2014

who saves up all his EMA and goes Zante

— Shaun (@Shaun_Mundy) January 27, 2014

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