The best Jamie Carragher spit jokes as video of motorway incident emerges

Appeared to target father and daughter after goading following Man Utd 2-1 Liverpool.

There were numerous Jamie Carragher spit jokes after the motorway incident in which he appeared to spit on a 14-year-old girl
SPAT: Carragher (Image: Christophe95)

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher is seen on a video obtained by The Mirror appearing to spit on a 14-year-old girl and her father through the window of his car whilst alongside them on the motorway.

The driver of the targeted vehicle can be heard goading the former Liverpool player following the club’s 2-1 defeat at Manchester United this weekend, when Carragher lowers his window and seems to unleash an enormous amount of spittle towards the pair.

After the clip was released by the newspaper, Carragher tweeted that he felt he was “totally out of order” and had “apologised personally to all the family” on Sunday evening.

This is a selection of the best Jamie Carragher spit jokes after the motorway incident:

EXCLUSIVE: BeIn sports confirm the signing of Jamie Carragher as a pundit on a 5 year deal pic.twitter.com/wg30YIgAAc

— Sam Evans (@Samboevans) March 11, 2018

Jamie Carragher has some aim… pic.twitter.com/V2fGPPXloM

— Lfc Kev (@Kev1Lfc) March 11, 2018

To be fair to Jamie Carragher – the spit was unintentional, he was simply asking for directions…

— Jay (@RFFH) March 11, 2018

Just seen the video of Jamie Carragher spitting at that Utd fan & his child

Absolutely vile human being & a typical scruffy scumbag bin dipper! He should be sacked & stripped of his Premier League medals….. actually, scrap that last part

— Bertie 'Shawshank' Magoo (@Eti_Lad) March 11, 2018

Sky Sports were today left with no option but to terminate Jamie Carragher's contract after being @'d into a tweet of the video by ClinicalKnockaert. We would like to thank ClinicalKnockaert, 15, for his assistance in this matter.

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) March 11, 2018

"The distance he gets on the delivery is fantastic. We've just witnessed something very special." pic.twitter.com/03aVC8jgjv

— Andy Ha (@_AndyHa) March 11, 2018


How the fuck has Jamie Carragher got that much spittle to muster at a moments notice?

— General Burkinshaw (@TsideSpurs) March 11, 2018

Jamie #Carragher clarifies his position in light of recent controversy. pic.twitter.com/yURt5pCYLP

— The Real DC (@TheRealDC1) March 11, 2018

Liverpool staff and players to wear shirts before their next game in support of Jamie Carragher spitting on a 14 year old girl

— Ben Towler (@Towlerrr) March 11, 2018

Filming and shouting abuse at Jamie Carragher with your son in the car while speeding on the motorway? What's the guys future Naz? pic.twitter.com/A2gDbdqlY6

— Derek Cooper (@cooperderek) March 11, 2018

That spit from Jamie Carragher was the only thing on target from Liverpool this weekend

— Matthew (@Carrick4united) March 11, 2018

When Jamie Carragher pulls up next to you at the traffic lights, with his window open. pic.twitter.com/NLoyfXws6s

— Nicole! 2.0 (@mademetoxic) March 11, 2018

So Jamie Carragher only scored 5 goals in 737 games (17years) in a goal 8 feet x 8 yards

He can drive a car at 20 mph into on-coming wind, and spit through a 15" window of a car travelling parallel at the same speed

Anytime I spit out of a car window it ends up all over my fod

— Chris 'Ginge' Smith (@SmithGinge) March 11, 2018

De Gea is the only man who could save Jamie Carragher right now… pic.twitter.com/2xw60y6Buu

— Fred The Red (@redfreddevil) March 11, 2018

When your dad shouts 2-1 at Jamie carragher. pic.twitter.com/fk0HOoKmsV

— Dylan Carr (@DylanCarr99) March 12, 2018


The spitting was misunderstood. Where Jamie Carragher comes from it’s a way of greeting someone; almost treating them like family. pic.twitter.com/mRhbWbImiL

— Mark Somers (@MarkSummy) March 12, 2018

Shocking footage of Jamie Carragher spitting in the face of a child has emerged…#Carragher pic.twitter.com/igARgjjhZh

— ONSIDEVIEW.COM (@theonsideview) March 11, 2018