The best Jack Grealish lying down jokes as holiday snap surfaces

Social media wags let fly as picture emerges of Villa starlet apparently passed out in Tenerife.

Jack Grealish lying down
CONKED OUT? Grealish (Image: Twitter/Briony King)

Avail yourselves of the best Jack Grealish lying down jokes that Twitter had to offer after a photo emerged of the Aston Villa starlet apparently passed out in the street while holidaying in Tenerife.

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An impressive end to the 2014-15 season saw the 19-year-old at the centre of a tug of war between England and Republic of Ireland as to who he shall go on to represent internationally.

He’s a star in the making as long as he can weather this particular social media storm and avoid further pitfalls, so have a butcher’s at the following Jack Grealish lying down jokes!


— BK (@MacroRecon) June 15, 2015

Jack Grealish pictured lying in the road in Tenerife, pissed. Natually we've slashed his odds on playing for Ireland. http://t.co/js5b8ilQg9

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 15, 2015

Tim Sherwood has a look through Jack Grealish's holiday snaps pic.twitter.com/BduVWhAJcf

— Dream Team (@dreamteamfc) June 15, 2015

Oh no, how dare Jack Grealish get pissed when he's playing in a vital friendly against Swindon Town next month

— Connor Thorpe (@ConnorTSWFC) June 15, 2015

The phrase will now be "anyone going to get Grealished tonight?" "Who's out on the Grealish for a few tonight then? #AVFC

— Nick Davies (@Nick_Davies89) June 15, 2015

To be fair to Jack Grealish, he spent more time on his arse looking clueless in the FA Cup final. #ArsenaI

— Ospina Colada (@MetalGiroud) June 15, 2015

Grealish looking like he's had back to back Broadway days

— Jack Brown (@Brown1000Jack) June 15, 2015

Poor Jack Grealish was only trying to vault that imaginary Joleon Lescott tackle when the pavement reared up #wba

— bill howell (@billhowell68) June 15, 2015

Someone even wrote a poem about it, although it didn’t rhyme…

@AdeDurham Grealish drunk on holiday . On holiday out of season . So what ,let him enjoy himself . A non story . Lazy journalism .

— stuartc (@CaldecottStuart) June 15, 2015

And finally, on a somewhat unrelated note…

Saw a kid in town with a Jack Grealish haircut. He looked like a right tosser

— Luke Murgatroyd (@Luke_Murgatroyd) June 15, 2015