The best #IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague tweets

The best #IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague tweets, full of fan declarations of what they will do if Liverpool lift the Premier League trophy this season.

The #IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague tweets were based on hopes of achieving this
What Liverpool hope to achieve (Image: Stuart Grout)

Check out the best #IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague tweets, full of fan declarations of what they will do if Liverpool lift the Premier League trophy at the end of this season.

As an incredible 2013/14 comes to a close, Liverpool are still in with quite a shout and it’s bound to go right down to the wire.

Find out what these fans will do in the best #IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague tweets:

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I shall call my first born child Steven Brendan Luis Daniel Jon Simon Glen Martin Jordan Mamadou Phillipe Raheem

— Biased LFC Fans (@Biased_Reds) March 27, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I'm not comin home till next season ???????? ????

— Roberto Bun (@ScouseBun) March 27, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I'll look something like this. pic.twitter.com/40pFhIdbvd

— Fabioulous (@Fabioulous_) March 27, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague Ian Ayre is going to get on Brendan’s shoulders Ala #LfC pic.twitter.com/lv179KYH0X

— Mark Simpson ? (@mrmarksimpson) March 7, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I'll shag John Terry #STD #DareToFlanno

— Jon Flanagan (@JonFlanaganLAD) March 27, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I'll get Iago Aspas' full name tattooed on my wrist and his face on my chest

— We Are Liverpool (@TheKopEnd_) March 27, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I'm gonna wear my full Liverpool kit to the first day of college

— waqatinho (@Waqar_LFC) March 27, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I'll go into my GCSE exam the next day with a liverpool scarf and pyro

— Aaron Zeverona (@aaronzeverona) March 27, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I'm going to run through the streets of Merseyside just like this. pic.twitter.com/7Ofw27cr0D

— Liverpool Chronicle™ (@THELFCCHRONICLE) March 27, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I will get 'Brendan Rodgers' tattooed on my right arse cheek. I declared this months ago. You can Hold me to it!

— Kirsty (@KirstyLFC1892) March 27, 2014

I'll stand outside Old Trafford with a banner of Gerrard lifting the trophy.

— Indigo (@IndigoLFC) March 27, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I'll get Joe Allen's face tattooed on one arse cheek and Martin Kelly on the other

— HARRIS (@_TonyHarris) March 27, 2014

It will be quickly forgotten when I wake up, have some breakfast and get on with my day in reality.

— Jack Wedderkop (@jackwedderkop) March 27, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I'm changing my name to Kolo

— Seán (@SokratisBeard) March 27, 2014

Steven Gerrard will still have less Premier League medals then the all mighty Jose Bosingwa

— Kyle. (@Kyle_17_Smith) March 28, 2014

#IfLiverpoolWinTheLeague I'll do a Malaysian Airlines and go missing for a month

— Adam Heath (@adamheath) March 28, 2014

You will find a wild Pikachu somewhere in Hyde Park

— SalimR' (@ShalzSoSinister) March 28, 2014

If Liverpool Win the premier league I'll eat a mouse

— Rauri Townsend (@RauriJunior) March 16, 2014