The best Giorgio Chiellini handball memes & jokes after blatant foul against Monaco

Juventus defender blatantly prevents a Monaco attack with his hands in UCL quarter-final second leg.

Giorgio Chiellini handball memes and jokes were all over Twitter after his blatant handball in Juventus's 0-0 draw with Monaco in the Champions League quarter-final second leg
CAN LAUGH ABOUT IT NOW: Chiellini (Image: Roberto Vicario)

These are the best Giorgio Chiellini handball memes and jokes after the Juventus defender’s outrageously blatant attempt to retrieve the ball with his hands in an effort to prevent a Monaco attack following his slip in the Champions League quarter-final second leg.

The Italy international somehow escaped a red card for the incident near the halfway line in the 0-0 draw, but he can’t escape the fun on Twitter…

Check out the best Giorgio Chiellini handball memes and jokes from the Monaco vs Juventus Champions League quarter-final second leg:

My name is Michael Jordan, but everybody call me Giorgio. #Chiellini

— Swann Borsellino (@SwannBorsellino) April 22, 2015


— Hold The Milan (@HoldTheMilan) April 22, 2015

Chiellini be like pic.twitter.com/LVxc0ric9d

— Sellvio Berlu$coni (@Pure_Milanista) April 22, 2015

Try: 5 points for Juve #Chiellini #ASMJUV pic.twitter.com/M7H1si3jwC

— Zissou (@TheLouisAlb) April 22, 2015

#Suarez : and that’s why I bit #Chiellini ???? pic.twitter.com/6dtRDAd7f0

— A7med Abdullah (@iA7medAbdullah1) April 22, 2015

#Chiellini #RESPECT pic.twitter.com/NQ7PYavoer

— ADIL ? ???? (@Barzaboy) April 22, 2015

Chiellini doing what Gerrard should've done. pic.twitter.com/TWGoe34J8r"

— FootyHumour (@FootyHumour) April 22, 2015

L'énorme contre de Chiellini sur Lebron James : #ASMJUV pic.twitter.com/voNAc5Jxrg

— W (@Le__W__) April 22, 2015

Chiellini > Phelps pic.twitter.com/kIjEqwXYY6

— Doentes Por Futebol (@DoentesPFutebol) April 22, 2015

@Troll__Football Chiellini napiyon hafiz pic.twitter.com/Qm1hfwoJMd

— Ömer Faruk Kavakli (@kavakli_omer) April 22, 2015

Munch on this instead, Luis. #Chiellini pic.twitter.com/gqlrhX02wa

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) April 22, 2015

Things Giorgio Chiellini could have saved pic.twitter.com/qDmUcx3sI0

— acmREVIS (@ervis_rr) April 22, 2015

Un nouveau super héros est né ce mercredi 22 Avril 2015 au stade Louis II !!! SUPERCHIELLINI ???? #ASMJUV #chiellini pic.twitter.com/5ysyJwcsRP

— Baixinho (@Gregorinho_13) April 22, 2015

When bae's mens just end . And she call me to come over .#Chiellini pic.twitter.com/Oajxirswgk

— Ing Carmy (@CarmyCharles) April 22, 2015

Chiellini fait de la plongée sous-marine !!! #ASMJUV #Chiellini pic.twitter.com/PVCMWuYFg9

— Baixinho (@Gregorinho_13) April 22, 2015

Chiellini rock climbing, this is dangerous ffs pic.twitter.com/h8PQEHUuYl

— Kieran (@KokeVision) April 22, 2015

The best one ?????? #Chiellini #MonacoJuventus pic.twitter.com/rzj5p7Oh02

— Nuna Melis (@Nuna_Melis) April 22, 2015

Chiellini knows the pain of getting a ball out from under the car pic.twitter.com/McSuBT9qI2

— Enda Conway (@EndaConway) April 22, 2015

Giorgio Chiellini going for the tag title. Reckon Suarez would be his tag partner? #Chiellini #TCMockUp pic.twitter.com/QzcuBZdwlU

— Top Corner (@HITCtopcorner) April 22, 2015