The best Gervinho memes & jokes after AFCON final penalties

Sat in a chair and refused to watch.

The Gervinho memes & jokes were caused by this man sitting in a chair during the Ivory Coast vs Ghana AFCON final penalty shootout
SAT: Gervinho (Image: Danilo Borges/copa2014.gov.br)

Check out the best Gervinho memes & jokes after the Ivory Coast international sat in a chair during the AFCON final penalty shootout against Ghana, refusing to watch.

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A long and dramatic end to the tournament saw all 11 players on each team take a spot-kick, but the Roma forward could not participate after being replaced late in extra time.

Apparently unable to watch the action unfolding in front of him, but looking quite comfy at times, Gervinho found a spare chair to sit in and turned away.

These are all the best Gervinho memes & jokes after he sat in a chair during the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations final penalty kicks:

Gervinho thinks he's at a family BBQ

— FootyHumour (@FootyHumour) February 8, 2015

LMAO how's Gervinho sitting there like pic.twitter.com/8Ekmi9TYkF

— Bruce Wayne (@MilageUK) February 8, 2015

Gervinho can't contain his excitement. #AFCON2015FINAL pic.twitter.com/sH3HSaCith

— BetVictor (@BetVictor) February 8, 2015

When you're too nervous to watch your team win #AFCON2015FINAL We love you #Gervinho. pic.twitter.com/4d2UNYo0Qg

— KICKTV (@KICKTV) February 8, 2015

wow i didn't know Gervinho was the new judge on The X Factor pic.twitter.com/xsipafp4yd

— Olajide Bourbon (@BiblicalShart) February 8, 2015

Just Gervinho summoning the CAF logo. https://t.co/ygF9hRqI9Q

— Kristian vS Hæhre (@vonstrenginho) February 8, 2015

Gervinho premier homme à s'être assis sur la lune ? pic.twitter.com/xrbatDlYKj

— PassionFootball Club (@PassionFootClub) February 8, 2015

Gervinho stars in The Godfather pic.twitter.com/nesp29nh94

— EFC Africa (@EFCAFRlCA) February 8, 2015

These Gervinho memes just keep coming ffs loool pic.twitter.com/oqfuh85jUR

— S (@Ramseyinho) February 8, 2015

The War is won by House Gervinho! @GervinhOfficial Congrats to Ivory Coast for winning #AFCON2015FINAL #VivaAfrica pic.twitter.com/HFbqFWKAbM

— Thomas Mbalu (@thomasmbalu) February 8, 2015

Et il a finis Gervinho j'étais mort ???????????? pic.twitter.com/U7NuDV9n0q

— ?Yanga Yanga ? (@L_Camrooney) February 9, 2015

Gervinho in the Strip Club like pic.twitter.com/DotDHISY86

— Nana Kwame (@I_Am_Kaay) February 8, 2015

On yesterdays African Cup Of Nations Final – sudden death penalty shootout. Gervinho: pic.twitter.com/yzviThoYBL

— Uber Football Fact (@UberFootFact) February 9, 2015

Did you manage to watch the #AFCON2015FINAL penalty shoot-out last night? Were Gervinho's Ivory Coast worthy champs? pic.twitter.com/zTafdrO570

— William Hill Betting (@WillHillBet) February 9, 2015

Gervinho ???? pic.twitter.com/CFcPctvNKv

— Troll Football (@Troll__Football) February 9, 2015

Gervinho in Yalta discussing post-war Europe. pic.twitter.com/2xvutyO50o

— hash (@hashim0307) February 9, 2015

The Judge featuring Robert Downey Jr and @GervinhOfficial pic.twitter.com/oPwjhrIERi

— Trivial Football (@TrivialFTB) February 9, 2015

Gervinho chilling.. pic.twitter.com/OnWImzrlYT

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) February 9, 2015