The best #FreeJordanRhodes memes & jokes as Blackburn striker asks to talk to Boro

Boro fans mount a campaign to #FreeJordanRhodes as the Blackburn striker asks to talk to the club.

Boro fans want to #FreeJordanRhodes from Blackburn Rovers
IMPRISONED: Rhodes (Image: RoverTheBendInSussex)

After Blackburn striker Jordan Rhodes asked his club for permission to talk to Middlesbrough following a reportedly rejected £12m bid, Boro fans have mounted a campaign to #FreeJordanRhodes from the clutches of their Championship rivals.

Rhodes told ESPN FC:

I have been advised by the club that they have rejected an offer from Middlesbrough for my services which was in excess of what Blackburn paid for me.

I am ambitious and have never hidden my desire to play at the highest level possible and that was one of the reasons why I left Huddersfield Town for Blackburn.

When I left Huddersfield I felt the timing was right in the next stage of my career and, having seen Middlesbrough’s performances last season in reaching the play-off final and their ambition this summer in terms of acquisitions, I would have liked to have been able to talk to them and I am unhappy at not being given that opportunity.

… and the Middlesbrough supporters want to make that happen:

#FREEJORDANRHODES pic.twitter.com/qyrjjMaY1G

— Ben Darbyshir Hudson (@Bendarbyshire89) July 24, 2015

#freejordanrhodes ???? @OneRovers the venkys could get some top quality chickens with the dollar ????

— Simon Hide (@sihide1) July 23, 2015

Free the Blackburn one #UTB #BRFC #FreeJordanRhodes pic.twitter.com/NvRpTArwdD

— Robert Archer (@robarcher1990) July 24, 2015

@dannywatson86 @Andysmith1986 @Boro @GazetteBoro @RealBobMortimer @Twe12thman @EverythingMFC pic.twitter.com/CJtYXaXDzL

— Andy Garland (@andygarland85) July 24, 2015

free fri?/ adjective Able to act or be done as one wishes; not under the control of the Venkys. #freejordanrhodes pic.twitter.com/xJGGGcAdgr

— Graham Jackson (@Jackoboro) July 24, 2015

@OneRovers Venky's it's not fair to keep him cooped up, free range strikers score the best goals ?? #FreeJordanRhodes pic.twitter.com/YDiAJwayax

— Andy Garland (@andygarland85) July 24, 2015

Boro brothers: if you're want Rhodes, give 14£ m, and good groats for our chickens. Thank you. #FreeJordanRhodes pic.twitter.com/yWqpiPaoSy

— Al Khaldi ??????? (@blackburnloverz) July 24, 2015

@dannywatson86 @andygarland85 @Boro @GazetteBoro @OneRovers IM MENT TO BE A FREE RANGE RHODES #FreeJordanRhodes pic.twitter.com/eXFzC54DhA

— Andy smith (@Andysmith1986) July 24, 2015

@dannywatson86 @Andysmith1986 @thepinkponce "Can't wait to see him in the new away kit!!! UTB!!!" #FreeJordanRhodes pic.twitter.com/ooNxLx1sQb

— Andy Garland (@andygarland85) July 24, 2015

@dannywatson86 @Andysmith1986 @thepinkponce @GazetteBoro @ Jordan is such a Gibbo fan boy!!! #FreeJordanRhodes pic.twitter.com/w6L5mKhgre

— Andy Garland (@andygarland85) July 24, 2015

@Andysmith1986 "Right it's getting serious now… hand over Rhodes or your chickens get it"! #FreeJordanRhodes pic.twitter.com/pVpRi54y3h

— Andy Garland (@andygarland85) July 24, 2015

@RealBobMortimer @alibrownlee why not! #freejordanrhodes pic.twitter.com/dUQal1yBci

— craig ankers (@ankers86) July 24, 2015

@SkySportsNewsHQ Boro fans are at it again #FreeJordanRhodes pic.twitter.com/tFVKnl52GH

— Andy smith (@Andysmith1986) July 24, 2015

Steve Gibson making it rain at the Venkys #Boro #FreeJordanRhodes pic.twitter.com/AeHA9j12fA

— Lewis Eccles (@LewisJEccles) July 24, 2015

#F?r?e?e?J?e?l?l?e?V?o?s?s?e?n? #FreeJordanRhodes pic.twitter.com/BUrXMzsbKu

— thepinkponce (@thepinkponce) July 24, 2015