The best Football Fight Club jokes from BBC Three documentary

From the somewhat disturbing, but at times entertaining, BBC doc on firm violence within the sport.

Manchester City 's Blazing Squad was the subject of many Football Fight Club jokes after the hooligan firm featured prominently in the BBC Three documentary
HOOLIGANS: Blazing Squad (Image: Twitter/MarkSalkeld)

These are the best Football Fight Club jokes from the disturbing, but at times entertaining, BBC Three documentary that followed firm violence in England and abroad over the course of a season.

Featuring Manchester City’s Blazing Squad as well as ‘football lads’ from Bury, York City, Spurs and other clubs, the programme provided an insight into the lives of young hooligans and their off-the-pitch activities.

But many viewers were not impressed with the apparent hard man image the stars attempted to portray…

Check out the best Football Fight Club jokes from the TV doc below:

Don't tell Carl but we prefer the original Blazin' Squad… #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/S3CiuOFKqC

— BBC Three (@bbcthree) August 11, 2014

24?! Someone had a tough paper round #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/EHmLBwovt7

— Steffan Jones (@steffjones) August 11, 2014

Spiderman has really fallen on hard times #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/xVZ5CZ4sPM

— This is Millwall (@ThisIsMillwall) August 11, 2014

#FootballFightClub 'they think we are scumbags, they're wrong' erm you're wearing a balaclava &chattin bout fighting pic.twitter.com/YciEsoTAcs

— marie-clare (@sweetirishf) August 11, 2014

Don't mess with that Carl lad. #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/NO5CrXWONc

— ShaneOhhh (@ShaneOhhh_) August 11, 2014

And which member of The Blazing Squad is he then? MC Gok Wan ? #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/wJ8JYiwGEg

— Loopy Lou ? (@lshaw88) August 11, 2014

The MCFC Blazing Squad use social media to stay in touch.. #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/97GHQMXcI5

— ShaneOhhh (@ShaneOhhh_) August 11, 2014

#FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/REAHDjEhxq

— mnrrnt (@Mnrrnt) August 11, 2014

This bloke would absolutely have Blazing Squad all on his own #FootballFightClub http://t.co/0dz4iTlJlN

— . (@MarkSalkeld) August 11, 2014

C4: young lads fighting for their country. BBC3: young bellends fighting over a game of footy. #CommandoSchool #FootballFightClub

— Dan (@BuzzKillington) August 11, 2014

#footballfightclub let's sit on camera and talk about the number of times we've shouted come on a few times behind a line of coppers

— Alex Cartwright (@Misterc83) August 11, 2014

i bet the leader of #blazingsquad tells all the other firms to "Meet me at the crossroads" #FootballFightClub

— Matt Rudge (@Mattrudge) August 11, 2014

Guy calls himself a Spurs fan?! He can't even spell COYS. #footballfightclub pic.twitter.com/mAp7yzdaON

— RicheyRevol (@RicheyRevol) August 11, 2014

Mate if you wanted to be taken seriously as a football hooligan probably help if you weren't sitting on a swing, #FootballFightClub

— This is Millwall (@ThisIsMillwall) August 11, 2014

"Don't know if you're going to get your head kicked in…don't know if you're going to get glassed" sounds fun mate #FootballFightClub

— l3ahpar (@l3ahpar) August 11, 2014

Kicking someone in the head when they're on the floor doesn't make you a hard man,it makes you a massive c**t. #FootballFightClub

— Michael Cunningham (@Cunners_SWFC) August 11, 2014

Younes Kaboul has seen better days #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/71v5m9rJY4

— Chris Treloar (@ChrisTreloar) August 11, 2014

"Nothing better than getting a kicking is there?" FALSE. Literally everything is better than getting a kicking. #FootballFightClub

— BBC Three (@bbcthree) August 11, 2014

I reckon Blazing squad the group could take this Blazing squad #bbc3 #FootballFightClub #morons

— Tom Williams (@MrTomWilliams) August 11, 2014

Hold on… Geeza shadow boxing in the woods, with a slazenger vest on and a pot noodle fringe… Give me strength???? #FootballFightClub

— Aden Flint (@AFlint4) August 11, 2014

hello, is that West Ham? #FootballFightClub

— CasualStateOfMind (@CasualMind_) August 11, 2014

And this City chap needs to stop spending money on ill fitting clothes and get his house decorated. #FootballFightClub

— Terrace Life (@TerraceLife_) August 11, 2014

What's fat Ronaldo doing on here? #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/kOvB11qkdO

— ? Karen ? (@Karen_LFC_YNWA) August 11, 2014

Getting this on a mask for City away. Going to make 700 of them. #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/a6GPieEQ4O

— Joe. (@JoeMConnolly) August 11, 2014

Blazing Squad.. #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/VonYiWrVax

— Football Fooligans (@Footy_Fooligans) August 11, 2014

Na but seriously when did Gus from Recess go off the rails #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/K5gX4iT8Az

— Daryl McWatt (@daryl_mcwatt) August 11, 2014

Dante vs the Chelsea tree https://t.co/buRs9ocfq3

— Jamie (@NineJamie) August 11, 2014

West Ham fans getting tooled up #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/VOCfTDGLmO

— This is Millwall (@ThisIsMillwall) August 11, 2014

have the feeling #Dante keeps on skipping leg day at the gym #FootballFightClub

— CasualStateOfMind (@CasualMind_) August 11, 2014

Haha anyone who watched that joke of a programme.. Here's Aaron from City's 'firm'. #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/DnHL1JXdSO

— Ryan McCarthy (@RyanMac92) August 11, 2014

Coming 2014 #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/NAInO4Kw2A

— GallowgateShots.com (@gallowgateshots) August 11, 2014

"Yesssss, madam this west ham firm" #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/6JIsqPzzSa

— Mark Reid (@Mark_A_Reid) August 11, 2014