The best Football Fight Club 2 jokes as BBC Three documentary returns

BBC Three documentary returns for a recap of the story so far and to introduce some new characters.

This man formed the basis of one of the best Football Fight Club 2 jokes as the BBC Three hooligan documentary returns
DOCUMENTED: Hooligan (Image: BBC Three/Football Fight Club 2)

Don’t miss the best Football Fight Club 2 jokes as the popular BBC Three documentary returns to our screens for a recap of the story so far as well as to introduce some new characters.

Stars of the show this time are a group of rowdy young Hamilton Academical fans, fronted by a 17-year-old girl called Brogan who wants to be a lawyer.

And we also get to see what old favourites Dante and Blazing Squad have been up to.

Check out the best Football Fight Club 2 jokes from the BBC Three documentary’s second episode:

Hahaha remember this nob head #footballfightclub https://t.co/PR8T3WY7gJ

— Bailey (@BBailey1889) October 13, 2015

#FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/dPZMO0ZKgY

— Jack (@Mitrogol) October 13, 2015

She's probably a hooligan as its the only time a man will touch her #footballfightclub

— This is Millwall (@ThisIsMillwall) October 13, 2015

I wish this bloke was banned from a 2 mile radius of a tv camera #FootballFightClub

— Andy (@AndypMFC) October 13, 2015

#FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/ApHo0s31ic

— NUFCThreatLevel (@NUFCThreatLevel) October 13, 2015

Fantastic new comedy on BBC3 tonight #FootballFightClub

— Ryan Eyre (@ryaneyre_) October 13, 2015

"I don't see any change in it now" "There's loads of change in it now!" "Aye" #FootballFightClub

— Benjamin Wills (@BenjaminWillsSJ) October 13, 2015

'Is she a decent shag after football?' #footballfightclub pic.twitter.com/7BSEqicY6w

— Zack Dearie (@ZackDearie) October 13, 2015

Christ imagine have train tickets pinned on your bedroom wall #FootballFightClub

— Benjamin Wills (@BenjaminWillsSJ) October 13, 2015

Brogan heads 2 meet the other firm members, but there's a problem. The firm leader didnt tidy his room and is grounded. #FootballFightClub

— Dan Carroll (@19SkyBlue87) October 13, 2015

"Hello. Is that West Ham?" #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/UDT1LVv4CK

— James (@jamesfulton84) October 13, 2015

The Hamilton Accies mob about to get in a right tear up wi the polis #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/N7k8MYCdyP

— Michael Sharp (@sharpis) October 13, 2015

Nothing like a football hooligan with his mittens on a string swinging down from his coat #FootballFightClub #Solid pic.twitter.com/sTMX1jjrYW

— Ross J Anderson (@RossJAnderson83) October 13, 2015

Being a casual is just wearing cheap re-issue tracktops, pretending to like The Stone Roses second album and shouting #FootballFightClub

— Ben Reeve (@Benreeve4) October 13, 2015

"Hello,is that West Ham? Have you got a single to Andover? Will swap for return to Rotherham, off peak" #FootballFightClub

— Call me Bill (@william_shutter) October 13, 2015

Part time wolves hooligan, part time Run DMC tribute act. #footballfightclub pic.twitter.com/7b3RLsTjgL

— Antro (@antro92) October 13, 2015

#FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/Nnm7gJJofN

— Andy (@andytricker) October 13, 2015

This guy's definitely the mole #FootballFightClub pic.twitter.com/3HQKrodFql

— FootballBurp.com (@FootballBurp) October 13, 2015

Fair play to Dante turning his life round #footballfightclub pic.twitter.com/sASodj31GD

— LTD Syndicate (@LTD_Syndicate) October 13, 2015