The best FIFA relationship jokes as new version hits the shelves

Have become somewhat of a tradition after each release in the series.

FIFA relationship jokes are once again causing strife as FIFA 17 is released
PLAYING FIFA: Boys, apparently (Image: dennis crowley)

Here are the best of the very many FIFA relationship jokes which have become somewhat of a tradition after each release in the series.

And, as everyone starts to enjoy the latest version, this year has been no different.

Don’t miss the best FIFA relationship jokes after the release of FIFA 17:

Fifa 17 out tomorrow. We're 12 hours away from some dickhead writing a note to himself, "beers in the fridge hun, have a good day"

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) 28 September 2016

When she buys you FIFA 17 instead of buying that same foundation she keeps buying, that's like 3 shades off what she should be using pic.twitter.com/PCeVabURob

— Wolé II (@Kingwole) 28 September 2016

Which of my girlfriends is buying me FIFA 17

— Damzz Jr (@damzzxvii) 28 September 2016

Is bae really your bae if she doesn't buy you FIFA 17

— Made (@MadeManJama) 28 September 2016

My girlfriend hasn't ordered me FIFA or left me beers in the fridge, this is disgusting.

— jack (@jb_swfc) 29 September 2016

"i cant see ANY difference between the 3 naked palettes" – the boy whos been buying the remake of the same football game year in & year out

— k🎃lly (@donlothario) 29 September 2016

My girlfriend said to me "Play one more Fifa game and I'm moving out" so I replied "Give me eight minutes and I'll help you pack your bags"

— Ric (@PrettyRicc) 29 September 2016

Mandem don't fall for these "I'll buy you Fifa" Girls because when she wars you on the TL "you broke don you couldn't even afford Fifa"

— Mboogie (@momarnie1) 29 September 2016

If your girl buys you Fifa 17, it's cause so she can cheat on you in peace.

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) 29 September 2016

Is it mandatory that every burd with a boyfriend has to tweet that they're gettin patched for Fifa ?? X

— T (@taylawhitelaw) 29 September 2016

On a scale of 1 tae buying him FIFA, how much have ye been cheatin on yer boyfriend this year?

— Goudie (@Goudie15) 29 September 2016

Nah my boy's gf got him PES instead of FIFA.. he's allowed to cheat for that idc

— ™ (@DJ_Obz) 29 September 2016

If u would rather play fifa than go and give ur missus a good shaggin then how did u even lose ur virginity

— CB (@ItsBriggzy) 29 September 2016

Girls I beg go find a hobby of your own and then maybe you wouldn't care that your boyfriend is playing Fifa

— Sawbs (@gemmag3rm) 29 September 2016

Listen yeah FIFA's here so you gals best be prepared for 12-15 minute airtime after each text, there's yutes that need to be merked

— ㅤ (@ffsbruv) 29 September 2016

If ur guy pauses Fifa to reply to ur texts then you've found your future husband

— Luna (@Ancelottied) 29 September 2016


— Hatt (@hattycolledge) 29 September 2016

Girls buy your man Fifa 17, he'll be so busy and won't clock you moving to his peng cousin xx

— strictly skeng (@Ahhhmadting) 29 September 2016

'You've only lost a game on FIFA', okay Ellie time for an argument sweetheart

— Callum Forster (@Forster_Callum) 29 September 2016

Fifa and chill

— brandonio✨ (@brandoniotweets) 29 September 2016

rip to all the relationships ending today because of fifa

— ㅤㅤㅤ (@OliSales) 29 September 2016

She just referred to my FIFA game as "cartoons" I still can't believe this, such disrespek

— Pule and 6 Others (@PuleXR) 29 September 2016

gonna jump oot ma window if a see another patched for fifa tweet

— Aman Manzoor (@aman_manzoor) 29 September 2016

Should start a charity to help aw the burds getting patched fur Fifa

— Rhys Mckay (@rhyss_mckayy) 29 September 2016

"Patched for fifa" yer boyfriends no even got a games console he's shaggin someone else

— McGinney pig (@Robertmcginney) 29 September 2016

"Babe give me a cuddle" get FIFA to give U a cuddle x

— Hannah Cedella (@hancedella) 29 September 2016


— Soph (@sofibeex) 29 September 2016

I'll break every palette, primer, lip gloss and concealer a girl owns if she even dares to touch my FIFA 17 pic.twitter.com/cl77Gz0n4s

— Spooky Carlos (@caurlaus) 30 September 2016

Its more than just Fifa when your girlfriend buys it for you❤👀

— Calvin Turner (@Calvz_CN) 30 September 2016

If you had to choose between buying FIFA 17 or taking your girl out to dinner on her birthday, which club would you start a career with?

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) 30 September 2016

When ur bf don't have Fifa but he still don't reply

— Libbie Rae (@libbieportman_) 30 September 2016

Me: What's wrong?
Her: Nothing.
Me: Okay *turns on FIFA*
Her: I just think it's funny how…
Me: pic.twitter.com/m3J7h1QG9h

— All Football News (@AllFootballLive) 30 September 2016

i swear girls buy their bf's fifa so he can sc saying 'she's a good un' and they can tweet saying they've lost their bf's, it's tradition

— LC (@lewis_coleman94) 1 October 2016

"My man replies to me when he plays FIFA" it's all lies, every guy knows how it all works. U get that quick 2 word reply during replays.

— Jürgen🇵🇰 (@SullyPacino) 1 October 2016

How can this boy say he wants to play my man on Fifa and whoever wins gets to have me for the day ??? Lol huhh

— yung goddess✨ (@rochaiko) 1 October 2016

All boys know is finesse and fifa

— not so puertorican (@essymilan) 1 October 2016

If your fella hasn't swerved you for FIFA yet is he even your fella

— kasey ashton (@kaseylouu1) 1 October 2016

The amount off tidy burds I've seen being patched for Fifa. Hi my names Corbinn and I don't like Fifa

— Corbinnator (@corbshaggarty) 1 October 2016

You played me like FIFA career mode used me like FIFA ultimate team and then dumped me like FIFA 16 why? @abbii_yusuff 😔💔

— Ayodeji🇳🇬 (@Deji_IRL) 2 October 2016

FIFA 17 vs. Your girlfriend 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/zsf17JV1k3

— The Soccer Life (@TheSoccerLifee) 2 October 2016

Raaaaaagrets buying my bf FIFA. Hi I'm actually lying behind u naked.

— CS (@charleysmithh_) 2 October 2016

Ever since the new FIFA game came out I have been getting texts like this pic.twitter.com/ONHLYLASGK

— Gabi (@Gabihinely) 3 October 2016

Do not interrupt him while he's playing FIFA! DO NOT! #DatingDosAndDont

— Jay Mahlakwana (@_Chronik) 2 October 2016

' I want someone I can buy fifa for and then get annoyed bcos he's giving it more attention then me 💔' – @Harriet_Slade

— mads (@maddienorrisxx) 2 October 2016

That's it when my bf goes to sleep his Fifa disc is getting scratched

— Jazz (@jazzscottx) 2 October 2016

every bird cos of fifa pic.twitter.com/EG3oxt5RcS

— sween (@caihrnsweeney) 3 October 2016