The best FIFA 17 jokes shortly after new release

Enormously eagerly-awaited title finally released to overwhelmed gamers last week.

There were all sorts of FIFA 17 jokes shortly after the new release
RELEASED: FIFA (Image: BagoGames)

These are all the best FIFA 17 jokes after the enormously eagerly-awaited title was finally released to overwhelmed gamers last week.

Keen fans have already already ensured that the new game has the highest UK launch sales of any FIFA, ever.

Everyone’s talking about it and here are the best of the FIFA 17 jokes:

@WeahsCousin Awaiting pictures of FIFA 17 in seat belts.

— Nonceology (@Contekkers) 28 September 2016

FIFA 17 IS SO REALISTIC pic.twitter.com/vpLsH5skg0

— BC (@Spursesque) 28 September 2016

FIFA 17 release day Mubarak to you & your families. May the exhibition mode grant everyone success in the future & hereafter

— Moe (@MoesusLDN) 28 September 2016

Your MCM lost his first game on FIFA 17.

— ㅤ (@Loso_LFC) 28 September 2016

How long we gotta wait until we see a picture of a broken FIFA 17 disc uploaded by some 'crazy' girlfriend or ex?

— ㅤ (@Loso_LFC) 29 September 2016

I wonder if FIFA just came out🙄🙄 pic.twitter.com/vKtglBwyzn

— Megan Crook (@megancrook2) 28 September 2016

Next lad that puts a sc story on of their Fifa box I'm finding out where they live and snapping the disc in half

— Katie Gallon :L (@Katiegallon__) 29 September 2016

when all the LADs rush to buy the new fifa every year pic.twitter.com/8xqHEU88A3

— eerie💉blooders (@emmetbroaders) 29 September 2016

Boys weren't complaining when girls were getting gassed about kylie jenners lip kits coming out so why so much stress over Fifa 17

— raph (@raphadek) 28 September 2016

So my brother and I just went to @Walmart to get FIFA 17. Get home and open it and this is what we find. pic.twitter.com/xWlODdDTCh

— Alexander (@s_alex7) 29 September 2016

heard Alex hunter got nonced by his father on fifa

— J (@KingMartiaI) 29 September 2016

People are taking this FIFA Journey game too serious, I asked my mate if he wants to go out and he said "Nah I got a big game tomorrow" Ffs

— Made (@MadeManJama) 29 September 2016

Shouting "EA SPORTSSSSS ITS IN THE GAME" at your TV screen is mandatory whilst Fifa loads

— ️ (@LordMaruf) 29 September 2016

RIP to FIFA 16

29th September 2015 – 29th September 2016

Thank you for the memories pic.twitter.com/rERu7wVHGU

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) 29 September 2016

When you take the first game of FIFA too seriously pic.twitter.com/UumjpP7aBn

— alex morton (@Alexxxmorton) 29 September 2016

When you've bought the new FIFA but can't wait until you get home to play it. pic.twitter.com/pl85h5PML3

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) 29 September 2016

Smashed a boy at Fifa and got this hahahahaha 'you pure sausage and bean melt' 😭😭😭😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/Kq3t2hmNwv

— MarkScales (@Scalesy94) 30 September 2016

My first loss on fifa comes to a guy who dossed me. Oh god the internet is a sad place.

— Rene (@ZeussCOD) 30 September 2016

New FIFA's out and it's payday. What a time to be alive. pic.twitter.com/Vsp4ySKqHR

— TheLADbible (@TheLadBible) 30 September 2016

My manager on FIFA is the coolest guy going.. pic.twitter.com/bKKKCc4K2A

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) 30 September 2016

Time for The Journey. Unfortunately it's not on Fifa, it's a 6 hour journey down to Sutton.

— DanielAtkinson (@Atkinson98) 30 September 2016

At least the new FIFA has got Sam Allardyce bang on, in fairness. pic.twitter.com/31Cim1SFjK

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 30 September 2016

Good bye FIFA 16 pic.twitter.com/a7e4MHXJ0K

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) 30 September 2016

When you beat your twin on FIFA pic.twitter.com/1dwMOfOcTc

— Zishaanabbas Shivji (@ZishShivji) 30 September 2016

I bet Rooney's sons bench their dad on FIFA

— Geebs🇳🇬🇧🇷 (@GB_MILLI) 30 September 2016

Had to stop playing The Journey on the new FIFA, was bringing back too many sad memories and making me upset

— Conor Devaney (@ConorDevaney36) 30 September 2016

ur mcm is still playing FIFA 16

— Jordan (@jordanchrono) 30 September 2016

Not joking when I say I've just come straight from work to Tesco to get FIFA and paid with every £1 I've ever owned which I keep in my sock pic.twitter.com/5Yh9A5FXYs

— Joe Keogh (@joekeoghh) 30 September 2016

Drunk af playing FIFA against the same team im the same color jerseys lmao

— Bo Jiggs (@BossmanJiggetts) 1 October 2016

FIFA trying to tell us something… pic.twitter.com/ddWwXkTvlE

— ValueBetFinder (@ValueBetFinder) 1 October 2016

Harry Kane looks like something off the polar express #fifa pic.twitter.com/pBIkzQbwXm

— ⚒Noon ⚒ (@MissWHU) 1 October 2016

#YouMyBuddyİf we keep restarting a FIFA game jst coz no1 is accepting defeat!!

— YOUR IMAGINATION♤ (@A_DrunkWord) 1 October 2016

Why #FIFA is the most stressful game in the world… pic.twitter.com/K8YTxvKH82

— Andy Mann Tips (@AndyMannTips) 1 October 2016

When you make a banter player for Pro Clubs on FIFA https://t.co/0z7m0xAefv

— J (@KingMartiaI) 1 October 2016

I can't wait for FIFA 18

— eldeniro (@eldeniro90) 1 October 2016

#ThatMomentWhen You check your bank account after a night of opening packs on FIFA 17.https://t.co/4Gl3WhARNP

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) 1 October 2016

That's me done with FIFA today after getting beat off some little nonce with Netto broadband and watching replays. Hope he gets cholera.

— Danny (@DanH1892) 1 October 2016

When you lose on Fifa pic.twitter.com/RlLFq7SFPO

— Football Fights (@footbalIfights) 1 October 2016

FIFA makes me want to kick a baby and run through my TV

— Glotinho (@globoygleesh) 1 October 2016

I told my sister get off the TV I wanna play FIFA but she told me 'just watch the highlights'…..

— Imthiaz (@ImthiazMiah) 1 October 2016


— Rhys Price (@Rated_COD) 1 October 2016

As soon as FIFA is installed I'm making Hunter break his leg

— SG (@CloakOfVader) 2 October 2016

love to feel that old familiar all-consuming anger when i lose at FIFA, that's how you know it's truly fall again

— AWEST BRO DUDE (@ayyy_west) 2 October 2016

My mom just sold my car because I went to buy fifa…

— Christian Cundiff (@CCund5100) 2 October 2016

My nan said she's got me the new FIFA on ps4 as a present for my 20 year milestone.
Nan you've killed me 😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/o7Q2Af5KA8

— MC-KIE Garage Legend (@1MC_KIE) 3 October 2016

My pal was telling me about Fifa's story mode.At the start you're playing an under 10's match, you miss a peno and your dad literally leaves

— A-Damnation (@RummHammm) 3 October 2016

In their defence, they were probably pretty good on FIFA. https://t.co/7qOkztEd7I

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) 3 October 2016

how fkn hard it is to stop yirself spending money on FIFA points

— Dylan (@DylxnBonella) 2 October 2016

am i the only one who hates playing with bald players on fifa

— MK (@Jewneeb) 2 October 2016


"Football is a pretty intense sport. What shall we use on the soundtrack?"

"Insipid indie pop again?"


— Jim Smallman (@jimsmallman) 3 October 2016

Townsend replaces Sterling, who withdraws from the England squad after becoming the latest victim of the FIFA glitch https://t.co/9rBN7sLm3s

— TheFootballRepublic (@TheFootballRep) 3 October 2016

When you score a 90th minute goal in FIFA pic.twitter.com/0r1mAja3ue

— Fifa 17 Tweets (@FIFA17Tweets) 3 October 2016


— Douglas (@DouglasSenpai) 3 October 2016

Someone left 4-0 on FIFA I sent him a message saying LOOOOOOOL and he came back with this SCREAMING. pic.twitter.com/qYaWbybP9P

— LIAM (@MagicalPogba) 3 October 2016

Canny believe how serious daz was taking fifa until he went and bought these to wear whilst he plays the journey pic.twitter.com/9lQgLzoAO0

— Callum Reid (@97Reidy) 3 October 2016

they are talking about how great the FIFA game is on radio nz n I am relieved to finally hear some intelligent discourse on this station

— Josh (@trillyelliot) 4 October 2016