The best FIFA 15 jokes & tweets after midnight release

Feel part of the action after the much anticipated release.

The FIFA 15 release brought  excitement, tweets and jokes
RELEASED: Fifa 15 (Image: EA Sports)

Feel part of the action with this collection of FIFA 15 jokes and tweets as the much anticipated release date finally arrives.

Twitter was full of excitement as many waited in queues hoping to be the amongst the first to get their hands on the latest edition of football’s favourite console game.

Check out the best FIFA 15 jokes and tweets after the midnight release:

Not long until FIFA 15 is released. Let's all remember the 10 FIFA commandments! pic.twitter.com/WMFz2RQDU9

— The SPORT Bible (@TSBible) September 25, 2014

ME when a mate talks to me about FIFA pic.twitter.com/UwxkeSz3a9

— Max (@xDuoMax) September 25, 2014

@Kekee_Lemma: Just got bae FIFA 13???? pic.twitter.com/slx04rHCP5” He's allowed to cheat 13 times now, this is his voucher

— PREE MY FAVS (@3HunnaNSosa) September 25, 2014

Luis Suarez is banned on FIFA 15 until October 26th! pic.twitter.com/i8C4hSKjpE

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) September 25, 2014

The reason I lose on FIFA… pic.twitter.com/QM42dM4XRd

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) September 25, 2014

If she buys you fifa you got to wife her

— (@DaRealSinbad) September 25, 2014

I suspect many school kids will somehow develop some kind of 'illness' overnight and not be able to go to school tomorrow… #FIFA

— Liam Van Gaal (@OccupyBears) September 25, 2014

My boyfriend's buying the new FIFA so I may as well make a list of hundreds of things I can do to entertain myself for the next month…or 5

— fran (@buswxnker) September 25, 2014

Wtf I asked my mom to get the new Fifa for me and she gave me this… pic.twitter.com/tTjIWkzbXI

— SoaR Ruler (@xRULERS) September 25, 2014

Say Good bye to your girl-friends, FIFA 15 is coming..

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) September 25, 2014

FIFA 50 cover.. pic.twitter.com/nPHmI7mXUw

— Just Football (@JustFutball) September 25, 2014

If you're one of those birds moaning about losing your fella to Fifa, a simple solution is to cheat on him, he probably stinks of LadBible.

— Borussia Birkenhead (@SomeEvertonFan) September 25, 2014

My moms left me in the tent on my own in the queue for FIFA and this lads just come in and fingered me haha fair play

— ?? (@laurenthelaugh_) September 25, 2014

VINE: The wait is nearly over. 15 years of FIFA covers – https://t.co/EjCN53sBlS #FIFA15Friday

— Squawka Football (@Squawka) September 25, 2014

FIFA – females ignored for ages.

— Lewison! (@Lewis0n) September 25, 2014

Just fingered a girl at the FIFA release

— Ryan (@Calciology) September 25, 2014

I can't wait for "sorry I was playing FIFA" to be the excuse for a 45 minute reply ??

— StevieLeighReid (@StevieLeighReid) September 25, 2014

Excited over the new FIFA. pic.twitter.com/HP7JwOEpGY

— Beat 102 103 (@beat102103) September 25, 2014

FIFA out soon Fellas take note:.. pic.twitter.com/vMHjZ1tpBc

— Callum (@cllmhntngtn) September 25, 2014

Not buying FIFA this year cause it's getting worse so I'll just steal everyone's girlfriends that are getting ignored cause of it, tactics.

— (@CharlieVEVO) September 25, 2014

FIFA = Females Instantly Forgotten About

— Brandon (@kababslut) September 25, 2014

who needs bae when u got fifa

— Fitz (@Fitzz__) September 25, 2014