The best FC Midtjylland jokes as they exit the Europa League after 5-1 defeat at Old Trafford

Almost unpronounceable Danish Superliga champions.

There were many FC Midtjylland, mainly about their name, after their 5-1 Europa League defeat to Manchester United
Ikast, Midtjylland

These are the best FC Midtjylland jokes as the almost unpronounceable Danish side go down 5-1 in their Europa League round of 32 second-leg tie against Manchester United.

The Danish Superliga champions were only recently formed in 1999, as a result of a merger between arch rivals Ikast FS and Herning Fremad.

But they were demolished at Old Trafford on Thursday night, finishing the game with ten men, despite winning the first leg 2-1 and going 1-0 up after 27 minutes in last night’s clash.

Here are the best of the FC Midtjylland jokes as they exit the Europa League:

Just a reminder…

Population of Herning, Midtjylland – 47,800
Capacity of Old Trafford – 75,635 pic.twitter.com/R5Kc4gahdf

— bet365 (@bet365) February 25, 2016

Never would I have thought I'd hear the words, “Manchester United are back in it” against FC Midtjylland.

— Liam (@OffsideLiam) February 25, 2016

Midtjylland is actually a weak password cos you need symbols and/or numbers. Also I'm hurting badly

— manutd23 (@manutd24) February 25, 2016

This Midtjylland side will tire soon. Most of them half been up since 4 delivering milk.

— Steeley (@steeley_99) February 25, 2016

We are celebrating a goal against Midtjylland like we've won the World Cup, what a time to be dead.

— David. (@Rooney_esque) February 25, 2016

Imagine we actually beat Midtjylland 😱

— Patrick (Pa) Ward (@Pa_Ward1) February 25, 2016

Old Trafford is rocking as Man United are on the verge of eliminating the mighty Midtjylland from the Europa League.

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) February 25, 2016

What a week for @ManUtd

First came the giant killing against Shrewsbury..

Now a second giant killing against Midtjylland.

They are BACK.

— showmethemoney (@smtm_LFC) February 25, 2016

Congratulation FC Midtjylland

You made Man united look like Barcelona

— Danny Welbeck (@WelBeast) February 25, 2016

A tough night for Midtjylland, who will now face a long journey back home across the vast plains of Mordor.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) February 25, 2016

Guys who thought Midtjylland would advance to the last 16. pic.twitter.com/Fg2VIn67Rp

— Lobst4r (@Malowbar) February 25, 2016

In an alternate reality, United let Rashford take the penalty, he misses, Midtjylland score and Rashford ends up at QPR in 2017.

— Wile E Kouyaté (@tomvictor) February 25, 2016

LOOL who said 'Midtjylland' is a typo I'm crying😂

— jai (@bIindinho) February 25, 2016

Bet Midtjylland are not dancing in that changing room tonight! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

— Serge Adam (@SergeMUFC) February 25, 2016

@jasoncundy05 @andygoldstein05 Lads don't forget Midtjylland were formed in 1999 but that makes them only 4 years older than Chelsea.

— John Ludden (@Johnludds) February 25, 2016

That Midtjylland RB will have MEMPHIS in his nightmares tonight

— Rashford_fan (@DeGeaed) February 25, 2016

Fc Midtjylland have just announced the funeral is next Monday and the number 28 jersey is being retired with immediate effect #rip

— Football Fights (@footbalIfights) February 25, 2016