The best FA jokes after sexist tweet to England Women

"Our Lionesses go back to being mothers, partners and daughters, but they've taken on another title - heroes". D'oh.

This 1950s housewife might have enjoyed the FA's sexist tweet
OUTMODED: Gender roles (Image: Tetra Pak)

Come dig the best FA jokes to have been cracked in response to their (widely perceived as) sexist tweet attempting to congratulate England Women.

BREAKING NEWS: Sexist FA tweet opens wormhole to 1950s

Here is the offending tweet…

The FA’s sexist tweet about England’s Lionesses pissed people off http://t.co/I311H8SSwP pic.twitter.com/iOezgAvAWA

— BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) July 6, 2015

…and now for the jokes it spawned…

Our FA officials go back to being jobsworths, pen-pushers and pedants today, but they have taken on another title – sexist arses. #Lionesses

— Andy Nairn (@andynairn) July 7, 2015

That FA tweet is brillant:"Look how totally not sexist we are to all these dollybirds! Look how much our attitudes toward quim has changed!"

— Rufus Hound (@RufusHound) July 6, 2015

"Sexist tweet from official account slammed, but FA says post 'was taken out of context'" The context was the 1950s? http://t.co/nCqfb4MHw7

— Ben Carrington (@BenHCarrington) July 6, 2015

We should get Louise Mensch onto the case of the FA tweet.

— Dr Adam Rutherford (@AdamRutherford) July 6, 2015

J*n R*nson pitching a book about that deleted FA tweet as we speak.

— Dr Brooke Magnanti (@belledejour_uk) July 6, 2015

THE FA: No need to delete, just add a few words to stop this tweet appearing sexist. pic.twitter.com/A40FMEARlB

— Benny (@Ben_Morgan_) July 7, 2015

The left hand side of the Daily Mail website – "Sexist dinosaurs at FA strike again". Right hand side "Coleen sizzles in bikini"…

— Gordon Chree (@gordonchree) July 6, 2015

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