The best FA Cup quarter-final Wigan 2-1 Manchester City jokes

The best jokes from Wigan's shock 2-1 FA Cup quarter-final win over Manchester City at the Etihad.

The best FA Cup quarter-final Wigan 2-1 Manchester City jokes are all thanks to this trophy
The cup City will not be getting their hands on this season (Image: Carlos yo)

The best Wigan 2-1 Manchester City jokes after a shock FA Cup quarter-final result at the Etihad saw the current holders progress to the next round.


Wigan managed to hold on after gaining an early 2-0 lead and secured a famous victory to become only the fourth team to win away at City this season.

But the real cup magic was to be found on Twitter, home to the Wigan 2-1 Manchester City jokes – of which we’ve collected our favourites:

This Arsenal fan just heard the City-Wigan score….. pic.twitter.com/wbYFxNULM2

— Jamz (@MacawiisDropLDN) March 9, 2014

Reaction after the 2nd Wigan goal: pic.twitter.com/ixQJvyKe9u

— UberArsenal (@UberAFC) March 9, 2014


— Beijing Red 4 Lyf (@Moyes_Must_Go) March 9, 2014

Come on Wigan, it's Alamo time. Just do whatever it takes.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) March 9, 2014

Arsenal fans watching Man City like #FACup pic.twitter.com/7tTv1onfoH

— 5th Ballon D'or (@messileftfoot) March 9, 2014

Park the bus like you have never Parked it before #Wigan,,,, Come on you pic.twitter.com/RUU7z2prxE

— kiyaawe flava (@Kiyaawe) March 9, 2014

Watching every Man City attack like pic.twitter.com/lGR3NG10NC

— Luke (@MrSlapYourself) March 9, 2014

City losing to non-a-league team! So funny I laugh a Pelegrini out of own nostril!

— Evil Kagawa (@evilkagawa) March 9, 2014

Well done Wigan… pic.twitter.com/3KdjdNsB5a

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) March 9, 2014

The closest a Manchester City player ever came to a quad. pic.twitter.com/7Fxra5dvFv

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) March 9, 2014

I genuinely think if we sent a top squad of Championship players to the World Cup we'd have a better go. #Wigan

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) March 9, 2014

Wigan are the 4the club to win at Etihad this season. Barcelona, Bayern and Chelsea being the others.

— Index Football (@indexfootball) March 9, 2014

Quad gone missing, please contact Manuel Pellegrini if found. pic.twitter.com/sDdRuPvw9M

— Kevin Ashford™ (@KevinAshford7) March 9, 2014

Man City ! pic.twitter.com/9rOTILy5Fp

— Football Trolls (@Footballltrolls) March 9, 2014

And City kept talking about winning a quadruple!!!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/gIRHdmsE71

— Mitch Clarke (@mitch5clarke) March 9, 2014

Wigan play at wembley more times than England do

— adambuxton (@adambuxton8) March 9, 2014

Man City's quadruple… @RodneyMarsh10 pic.twitter.com/5vexWflxs9

— The Bootlegg@r (@thebootleggar) March 9, 2014

When Wenger was informed about City vs Wigan final score.. pic.twitter.com/SQEGPGbPl9

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) March 9, 2014

Not sure what's more embarrassing, losing to Wigan or the state of this shirt? #mcfc pic.twitter.com/U2IluGcOb7

— Terrace Life (@TerraceLife_) March 9, 2014

I know we've lost against some ropey teams in the past but im glad we are playing Wigan instead of City pic.twitter.com/EEFcaXzGnB

— Kick Arse (@kickarseHD) March 9, 2014

Wigan manager walks into the post match press conference…???????? http://t.co/Vw5AZg0znu

— Man Utd Pics & News (@MUFC_Pics) March 9, 2014

Man City.. pic.twitter.com/7ZfL0yG86m

— Sport Humour (@sport_humour) March 9, 2014

Every Arsenal fan after Wigan's win: pic.twitter.com/ZNbNCGq3kZ

— Eru Ilúvatar (@StewartM23) March 9, 2014

Manchester City have lost at home 4 times this season: Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Chelsea… And Wigan Athletic.

— TheSPORTBible (@TSBible) March 9, 2014

Moyes >Pellegrini We beat the mighty wigan pic.twitter.com/53yShtG344

— Sempre Fi : United (@KatteHaiklu) March 9, 2014

Thiery Henry's reaction to City v Wigan https://t.co/lxISq1KdSd

— Latest Football News (@92Extras) March 9, 2014

Wigan's beef for Man City is ancestral!

— OMOTOLA (@OMOTOL_A) March 9, 2014

The lads after City lost to Wigan toady pic.twitter.com/ltdr7mVS1P

— Sir Alex Stand (@SirAlexStand) March 9, 2014

Arsenal fans reaction to the news Wigan beat Man City… http://t.co/6hzuXR088C

— Wenger's Wingman (@mikesanz19) March 9, 2014

We respect Wigan but, I must tell you, we are not counting any FA Cup chickens. Largely because we do not have any chickens.

— Wenger Knows Best (@wengerknowsbest) March 9, 2014

Passionate City fan… I wonder if Wigan play in the @premierleague #MeetTheTrophy pic.twitter.com/cHqERU981e

— [Austine Jose Maria] (@AustynJose) March 9, 2014

Powell loaned to Wigan, Wigan beat City, Moyes exposed as a genius…..Moyes IN!!

— Utd Before Fergie (@UtdBeforeFergie) March 9, 2014

9th March 2013: Everton 0 Wigan Athletic 3 9th March 2014: Manchester City 1 Wigan Athletic 2 The very best of luck to 9th March 2015.

— Greg Farrimond (@GFarrimondWIG) March 9, 2014

Me when Wigan beat Man City pic.twitter.com/k0C9q2OR0U

— ManLikeTak (@iamTak4) March 9, 2014

This Wigan dominance better stop soon, English football is becoming a joke

— Geoff ShreevesLAD (@GShreevesLAD) March 9, 2014

Love it when Wigan fans abuse me 3 hours after I tweet. Takes that long for their gas powered computers to kick in.

— Rodney Marsh (@RodneyMarsh10) March 9, 2014

Excuse me for thinking Wigan was a seaside town because of Wigan Pier

— Kemosabe (@Isaacpartington) March 9, 2014

Were we expecting Wigan to Beat Man City?? …… pic.twitter.com/IrKQLP4CMs

— Football Vertex (@Football_Vertex) March 9, 2014

"No Arsene, you're playing Wigan in the semi-final. They beat City!" pic.twitter.com/QlXjq0i8n0

— Wenger's Wingman (@mikesanz19) March 9, 2014