The best Everton jokes as Liverpool thrash them 4-0 at Anfield

Register just 3 shots compared with their opponents' 37.

Klopp can afford to smile at the Everton jokes as Liverpool thrash them 4-0 at Anfield
SMILE: Klopp (Image: YouTube/EamonnMD)

These were all the best Everton jokes after their dramatic 4-0 defeat to Liverpool in the Merseyside derby on Wednesday night.

Roberto Martínez’s men were annihilated at Anfield following Ramiro Funes Mori’s red card on fifty minutes – their opponents managed to register thirty-seven shots in total, compared with Everton’s three.

The fans aren’t happy and their rivals have reacted with predictable glee.

Don’t miss the best Everton jokes after their 4-0 thrashing at Liverpool:

Everton's defence in disarray. pic.twitter.com/5pEjFmym5v

— Tim Stillman (@Stillberto) 20 April 2016

Can see the Everton fans in the crowd turning around and swearing. Probably at their brother in the home section.

— Reev (@TheReevHD) 20 April 2016

I'll be amazed if everton get a packet of flamin hot monster munch & £4 for Stones.

— JustSomeLad. (@SomeEvertonFan) 20 April 2016

I know this is rich coming from an #AVFC fan, but #Everton look awful this evening.

— Chris Dolan (@chris_dolan) 20 April 2016

JUSTICE FOR THE 2,687 https://t.co/WjgG3dFOjV

— Phil (@GungaChief) 20 April 2016

One Everton fan is stood in the away end crying his eyes out. And with each tear, he feeds my soul.

— Dominic Campbell (@dom_campbell) 20 April 2016

Life as an Everton fan… pic.twitter.com/yeEfHyxatu

— Jürgen Klopp (@AdamLovlallana) 20 April 2016

You ok m8? @Everton pic.twitter.com/hccheRsHZf

— shxkes (@shxkes) 20 April 2016

Little kids are crying in the Everton end. This is what football is all about

— Shane (@Blame_Suarez) 20 April 2016

That moment when you realise you're an Everton fan. #LFC pic.twitter.com/1rNNZARHah

— Anfield Bond (@AnfieldBond) 20 April 2016

I believe that the word you're looking for is 'rekt'. @Everton

— Paul (@Kolology) 20 April 2016

The face you pull at your Everton mates pic.twitter.com/svYnn859eQ

— Joe Spencer (@joespencer2008) 20 April 2016

Everton kick off to get us back underway pic.twitter.com/1tSvNj8ifP

— ….. (@MercyRuled) 20 April 2016

Can someone please give Everton their own ball to play with 😁

— Ziyaad LFC (@ZIYAAD_LFC) 20 April 2016

What everton does to you. pic.twitter.com/58SYoZKtIk

— Hibbo (@Lord_Hibbert) 20 April 2016

Everton fan had enough of the game 😮😮https://t.co/k8Zohf90P1

— Football Accumulator (@footballacca) 20 April 2016

"So your mission is to destroy Everton Football Club. Got that?" pic.twitter.com/2IHHnq91yA

— Doubting Believer (@ThemKopites) 20 April 2016

7 minutes added time just to laugh at Everton

— Harry (@StarCoutinho) 20 April 2016

Sack him @Everton Dont respond if your already doing so

— Mark Ellis (@Markthablue) 20 April 2016

Not since OJ Simpson has anyone needed to buy a defence as much as Everton.

— azul (@thechicoazul) 20 April 2016

The Everton fans who stayed don't look happy. Either of them.

— Jim Boardman (@JimBoardman) 20 April 2016

SPOTTED: Roberto Martinez looking at the Everton defence like.https://t.co/t5CCrwjyXt

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) 20 April 2016

I just said to Martínez that I was sorry FOUR that. He said I'm not in the mood for jokes. I said I am, we just demolished you.

— Boring James Milner (@BoringMilner) 20 April 2016

💬 | When you realise how **** Everton are.. https://t.co/ACE249ZMxD

— Sefendo (@Sefendo) 20 April 2016

Everton pulled out all the stops tonight, examples of such selfless commitment to the banter are rare.

— Steveology (@Bigotz_4_Lyf) 20 April 2016


Moreno 4@Everton 3

— Callum Wright (@Mr_CallumWright) 20 April 2016

Here is one for Everton fans https://t.co/pose1KD7J7

— LFCMostar (@LFCMostar) 20 April 2016

The most one-sided derby I’ve ever seen. If Everton had scored all their shots, they’d have still lost! #LFC #EFC

— Karl Matchett (@karlmatchett) 20 April 2016

Boss this is #LFC
Oh Everton were all laughing at you pic.twitter.com/kfr3qTsxiU

— Paul LFC Foreman (@redsmicer) 20 April 2016

When the whole Everton squad in your back pocket won't fit on your boat

— MB (@MrBoywunder) 20 April 2016

Everton's heat map from tonight pic.twitter.com/HXjk42fGRx

— Chris Williams (@Chris78Williams) 20 April 2016

If you think about messaging me to remind me about renewing my season ticket tomorrow or this month l swear to god. @Everton

— Everton Pictures (@evertonfcpics) 20 April 2016

Every Everton fan pic.twitter.com/VoDmJkkIBI

— Harry (@HH1878) 20 April 2016

Fancy giving me my £52 back? @Everton

— Everton Pictures (@evertonfcpics) 20 April 2016

Weird that Everton are trending cos they didn't even play tonight. pic.twitter.com/9TYgle68ff

— Royal Blue Mersey (@RBMersey) 20 April 2016

Roberto: "You wanted to chat boss?"

Me (if I owned Everton): "Yes… Define 'phenomenal' correctly and you can keep your job"

— Ed (@dixiessixty) 20 April 2016

Tim Howard, no longer the fall guy for the #Everton season.

— Maximiliano Bretos (@mbretosESPN) 20 April 2016

Joel give his gloves to an Everton fan at the end an had them thrown back at him👎🏻👎🏻, not good that

— Jamie Roberts (@Jamie_Roberts9) 20 April 2016

Playing Everton was so easy, Joe Allen laughed them off mid-game. pic.twitter.com/wTBxoZwkvw

— Steven Gerrard (@Gerrard8FanPage) 20 April 2016

@everton announce Simeone and makes Funes Mori captain

— Cal Fletcher (@callum_fletch98) 20 April 2016

CONFIRMED: Roberto Martinez will wear a Helmet for Everton's Next game to protect himself #efc #Everton #martinezout pic.twitter.com/J0EKW8il6F

— Jack M (@JM1TTY) 20 April 2016

Heard Everton were unlucky

— Colm Parkinson (@Woolberto) 20 April 2016

How Lukaku feels playing upfront for Everton pic.twitter.com/x99jGPWm6h

— EFC (@Fumesmori) 20 April 2016