The best English Football League jokes after EFL rebranding announcement

Is it for nationalism or washing?

The similarity to the EDL formed the basis of many of the best English Football League jokes after their EFL rebrand announcement
The protests against the proposed name change were fierce (Image: Gavin Lynn)

As The Football League is historically rebranded, fans of all colours joined together to make English Football League jokes about the new name’s similarity to a well-known nationalist group and the accompanying logo.

The oldest league competition in world football shocked everyone with their announcement on Thursday afternoon that they would be changing a name that has stood for over 125 years.

So now there are English Football League jokes after the organisation provided notice of the rebrand:

The EFL? Sounds like something Nick Griffin would be involved with.

— Tom Bassam (@Tbassam) November 12, 2015

The English Football League sounds like the EDL's 5-a-side competition at Powerleague on a Monday night.

— Alex Shaw (@AlexShawESPN) November 12, 2015

Well that is a blessed relief. I though the Football League was based in Malta. #efl

— Nick Godwin (@NickGodwinsport) November 12, 2015

All that money put into the rebranding, but as soon as I type EFL I think of a right-wing nationalist group. Not ideal.

— Charles Watts (@charles_watts) November 12, 2015

One keyboard slip away from massive racists. Bravo. RT @football_league: Introducing EFL – our new look from 2016/17 pic.twitter.com/9BDiUN1V9o

— Ben Wilson (@BenjiWilson) November 12, 2015

So The Football League is to be rebranded the 'EFL'. The logo wouldn't look out of place on a box of washing powder. pic.twitter.com/vv0AkNcPfY

— TheFootballRepublic (@TheFootballRep) November 12, 2015

So after months of meetings between some of the sharpest minds in the game, the Football League will be renamed the English Football League.

— Leigh Curtis (@LeighCurtis_NP) November 12, 2015

When you hear the Football League is being renamed ‘English Football League’ … pic.twitter.com/FATe2tJGQY

— FootballFanCast.com (@FootballFanCast) November 12, 2015

In truth, I don't care about the new #EFL logo, just think the money could have been better spent resurrecting the Anglo-Italian Cup.

— Spirit of Mirko (@mirkobolesan) November 12, 2015

0 – Number of Football League fans who think renaming it the "English Football League" is more vital than fairer ticket prices. Corporate.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) November 12, 2015

#EFL indeed. Don't know if they want me to change energy providers or join a racist march in Rotherham town centre. pic.twitter.com/8ytE1eoL8i

— David Jones (@jonesthescribe) November 12, 2015

'No it's different, because it's now called the 'English Football League'. pic.twitter.com/GWGkYz2Jiw

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) November 12, 2015

The English Football League rebrand screams "unpaid utility bill" pic.twitter.com/SRDLztPhIW

— Ben Machell (@ben_machell) November 12, 2015

With the Football League rebranded to the English Football League, will the clean sheets table be known as the English Defence League? #EFL

— Tom Sutherland (@SimplySuvo92) November 12, 2015

There goes the English as a Foreign Language hashtag #EFL

— FootballBurp.com (@FootballBurp) November 12, 2015

General #efl harrumphing tweet.

— El Hugh (@El_Hugh_LMC) November 12, 2015