The best ‘Eden Hazard kicks a ball boy’ jokes

Eden Hazard kicks a ball boy, footballing community make jokes
Hazard… Hilarious (Image: Ben Sutherland from Flickr)

Take a look at some of the best ‘Eden Hazard kicks a ball boy’ jokes from the footballing community.

Gathered from Twitter and fan forums – the internet is alive with humour surrounding the Hazard incident, with many players chiming in too.

If you haven’t seen Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard’s brutal attack on a Swansea City ball boy yet, check out Football Burp’s in-depth ballboy-gate coverage, complete with videos, tweets and images.

So, enjoy!

Is the Liberty Stadium the most dangerous ground in the country? Attempted murder, now child abuse. When will it end?

— Chris Steel (@chris7steel) January 23, 2013

BREAKING: Live picture of Swansea ballboy Charlie Morgan, as he seems to be recovering well in hospital. #hazard twitter.com/BBCSporf/statu…

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) January 23, 2013

Based on his “rolling around in apparent agony” skills arsenal bid 2 million for Swansea #ballboy#scfc #afc #bcfc #cfc

— Paul b (@Misterb1969) January 23, 2013

Pleased to hear that Chelsea have signed up to Kick Ballboys Out Of Football.

— Daniel Maier (@danielmaier) January 23, 2013

He didn’t have to kick me Hazard as that..

— Swansea ballboy (@ballboy_swansea) January 23, 2013

Injury Lawyers 4 U will be straight on the case there “had an injury at work? Not your fault?” “Was there an unknown Hazard?”

— Jimmy Bullard (@1JimmyBullard) January 23, 2013

Alex Ferguson: “He could’ve killed him” #ballboygate

— Andrew Haigh (@AndrewHaigh) January 23, 2013

If in doubt, Volley the ballboy

— Luke Dobie (@LukeJDobie) January 23, 2013

If Benitez had been confronted by that ballboy, he probably would’ve stared at him for 70 minutes, then swapped Ivanovic for David Luiz

— Craig Woods (@holdingstriker) January 23, 2013

greengooner on The Gooner Forum:

I bet the poor ball boy wishes it had been Torres who took a swipe at him…….he would have missed by a yard!

Perryashburtongroves on The Gooner Forum:

John Terry has just asked what age his mum is and whether his Dad is out a lot.

I’m ok. Just one broken rib and couple of bruises twitter.com/ballboy_swanse…

— Swansea ballboy (@ballboy_swansea) January 23, 2013

Kicking a ball boy… That has to be a hazard…

— Euan Holden (@EuanHolden) January 23, 2013

BallBoy: SillyHazard: SillyBallBoy: Free tickets WembleyHazard: Suspension – no Wembley

— Jan Aage Fjortoft (@JanAageFjortoft) January 23, 2013

I’d of cuddled the ball boy until he couldn’t bare with the awkwardness #cutie

— sean morrison (@seanmorrison_91) January 23, 2013

Ball boy was acting like any other kid in South Wales. If the ball’s over the line, you lie on it until the try is awarded.”

— Tommy Coakley (@TommyCoakley) January 23, 2013

@edgworthtony @ncustisthesun The ball is there to be won. The ballboy should technically be booked for ungentlemanly conduct.

— Brian Dickie (@Elblondiso) January 23, 2013

I’m sure had been a ginger ball boy they simply would have played on.

— Alexi Lalas (@AlexiLalas) January 23, 2013

Re Ball boy: Actually, when I would lie on ball and mates would try and kick it out from under me – I remember that being top fun.

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) January 23, 2013

Danger: Eden Hazard twitter.com/MarioBaloltell…

— Mario Balotelli (@MarioBaloltelli) January 23, 2013

We now have comfortably less followers than the ballboy and he probably doesn’t even do a witty and entertaining transfer blog every day 8-5

— Football365 (@F365) January 23, 2013

We can confirm that no ball girls were kicked by any players at the amazing @england_netball win tonight #hazard

— WSFF (@wsff_uk) January 23, 2013

Just out the hospital they said, I’ve got a broken rib, plus constipated face problems.

— Swansea Ball Boy (@SwanseaBallBoy) January 23, 2013

SPECIAL BONUS: Classic Millwall reaction:

Please stop referring to this pleb as a BOY. He’s old enough to drink, drive & get married. Sympathy gone. I’d have kicked him… Harder

— TOTAL MILLWALL (@TotalMillwall) January 23, 2013

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