The best coronavirus jokes as football is suspended due to COVID-19 concerns

The Premier League, FA, EFL and WSL have collectively agreed to postpone the professional game because of health risks.

There have been many coronavirus jokes as Premier League football is suspended due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19
(Image: Felipe Esquivel Reed)

All Premier League and EFL matches have been postponed until, at least, the beginning of April following the recent coronavirus outbreak.

After emergency meetings on Friday, English competitions were among the last to be suspended as football across Europe took a backseat to health concerns.

This the funniest thing ever. They’ll win it eventually and deservedly so in a few months. But I have never seen something so funny. pic.twitter.com/nO5aqIltSa

— #TxikiOut (@ManCityKD) March 13, 2020

25 points clear at the top of the table after 29 games, Liverpool stand to be the biggest losers as the current campaign hangs in the balance.

Neil Lennon, manager of Celtic – league leaders north of the border, insisted his side “should be champions” if the Scottish Premiership season cannot be completed.

Neil Lennon: Well I was already halfway to the summit, that still counts. https://t.co/P1cV6ETaCD

— Iain (@CemetryGates89) March 13, 2020

Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis are among high profile figures reported to have already been diagnosed with COVID-19.

These are the best of football’s coronavirus jokes as the crisis continues:


Message just received (and I’m still laughing) – If the league is cancelled we could have the best banner ever…. COVID19 – SCOUSERS 18

— Oli Winton (@OliWinton) March 11, 2020

Anyone need an odd job man. Previously worked Sat 12-6 but now available all days . Sadly useless at most things !

— Jeff Stelling (@JeffStelling) March 13, 2020


OFFSIDE. pic.twitter.com/qKIwHOGbNX

— ᴀʙ (@mcfcAB) March 11, 2020

I just text Adrián to borrow his goalkeeper gloves. He said why? I said because I don't want to catch the coronavirus and you can't catch anything with those on. I'll let you know when he replies.

— Boring James Milner (@BoringMilner) March 13, 2020

“Go cough on #14” pic.twitter.com/P6bu9teVKH

— Jamie (@jmemc55) March 11, 2020


Give juve penalty and he will book the first flight. https://t.co/JqrmriGYdU

— Uchiha (@ItzOlah) March 12, 2020



Soon we’ll be debating the best Corona-XIs. Already got some decent profiles with Rugani, Gabbiadini, and Hudson-Odoi. Arteta as manager.

— RG (@registability) March 13, 2020


The Premier League asking City if the season should be called off and voided pic.twitter.com/EZsjhy3alT

— Adam Monk (@_adammonk) March 13, 2020



— football images that precede unfortunate events (@CursedFootball) March 13, 2020


Surely just a matter of time before Sky and BT announce they’re going to suspend taking subscription money for their sports channels…

— Nick Harris (@sportingintel) March 13, 2020

I suggested games of FIFA, manager vs manager playing as their own club

— Freddie Wells (@FredSWells) March 13, 2020

Looking forward to one day watching Premier League Years 2019/20. pic.twitter.com/nFJkVY8URZ

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) March 13, 2020


The Premier League doesn't need to stand down to coronavirus. The virus won't be able to handle the pace, intensity and competitiveness of our league, not to mention the atmospheres of places like Anfield. It's never seen anything like it before.

— Oscar (@Reunewal) March 12, 2020



Arsenal will now remain unbeaten in the Premier League until April. Gargantuan institution. #AFC pic.twitter.com/tTAQZOyXNJ

— Gunners (@Gunnersc0m) March 13, 2020

Mum. Its happening pic.twitter.com/8qEvliKphz

— Paul Jones (@jonezy89mcfc) March 13, 2020

Liverpool fans looking for the guy who ate that bat pic.twitter.com/4NYyPgnB3j

— . (@CosmoKramerr_) March 13, 2020


— JЯ. (@ABjr_11) March 13, 2020

This season I have been to every league home game, bought a programme, bought food and used petrol getting there

If the season is null and void I fully expect compensation from the Premier league#lfc

— Champions of England (@mainstandred) March 13, 2020

NOW will you filthy non-hand-washers take this seriously? https://t.co/Fbkjm9EJbA

— Kelly Cates (@KellyCates) March 13, 2020

Who would have thought some bloke eating a bat in China could have potentially kept Villa in the Premier League #avfc

— Villa Culture (@VillaCulture) March 12, 2020

Villa and Norwich in the premier league next year after the season is cancelled pic.twitter.com/KWfTlFinul

— MB. (@_mattavfc) March 12, 2020

On the bright side of things. At least Liverpool's first Premier League title win will always be remembered as the coronavirus season

— Pøgba Senior (@TheSaItIsHere) March 12, 2020

You know you’re in the shit when Wuhan FC thinks it’s better to be back home than be in Europe https://t.co/QdG4DxVT2Z

— Mohammed Ali (@mohammedali_93) March 12, 2020


Right so who has streams from the Paraguayan Prison League to tide us over?

— Alex Mansfield (@el_mansfield) March 13, 2020