The best Christian Benteke ‘Burnleyl’ jokes as Belgian joins made-up team

Announces he's signed for wrong club and even spells it incorrectly.

Christian Benteke's Twitter bio said he signed for Burnleyl FC
BURNLEYL-BOUND? Benteke (Image: Delval Loïc)

These were the best Christian Benteke ‘Burnleyl’ jokes as the Belgian’s Twitter announced he’d signed for them and not Crystal Palace.

On a day when the real Burnley won 2-0 against Liverpool, the club he’s just left, the typo was cause for widespread amusement.

Benteke offered this explanation for why his bio not only said he’d signed for Burnley but also spelled it incorrectly:

Oops my bad lol Yes I signed for cpfc and not burnley. Sorry for the little mistake the person that manages my Twitter got a little confused

— Christian Benteke (@chrisbenteke) August 20, 2016

“A little confused”, indeed.

Needless to say, Twitter was rife with Benteke ‘Burnleyl’ jokes as his Crystal Palace career got off to a bizarre start:

The fans of Burnleyl FC will be dancing in the streets after signing Benteke! pic.twitter.com/Vb1OwaHPC5

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) August 20, 2016

It's official! #BurnleylFC sign Benteke on a four-year deal from Liverpool – #WelcomeChristian pic.twitter.com/xrAuADwgJE

— Burnleyl FC (@FCBurnleyl) August 20, 2016

Someone should probably tell Christian Benteke he doesn't have to move to Burnley… https://t.co/3WUjh6hFBZ pic.twitter.com/r0z0KYhUAq

— Oliver Young-Myles (@OMyles90) August 20, 2016

After changing "Burnleyl" to #CPFC, Benteke still hasn't changed his location 😂. Was he close to a Burnley move? pic.twitter.com/zRK21WJfpJ

— Joel Gulhane – (@jgulhane) August 20, 2016

Christ, imagine what Burnleyl would have done to us…

— Matt (@FalseFirmino) August 20, 2016

Was inevitable that we were gonna lose once Benteke joined Burnleyl FC

— Ryan (@WhereDahoudAt) August 20, 2016

Burnleyl are class tbh, Benteke has found himself a good club

— JC (@TheJackCriddle) August 20, 2016

It's no coincidence that since Benteke joined Burnleyl FC we've lost our mojo.

— Mike P Williams (@Mike_P_Williams) August 20, 2016

Any Burnleyl FC fans want to talk to us about their new signing?

— Full Time DEVILS (@FullTimeDEVILS) August 20, 2016

GOAL: Crystal Palace 0-1 Burnleyl (Benteke)#CPFC

— CPFC HQ (@CPFCHQ) August 20, 2016

Burnleyl get another against Liverpool. Benteke smirking as he watches on from the stands. What a day he's having.

— Ben Nagle (@bennagle17) August 20, 2016

glory glory Burnleyl FC and the Burnleyl go marching on

— Kene (@DeadlyAlli) August 20, 2016

@chrisbenteke @CPFC Your spell at Burnleyl FC didn't go well then?

— Chris (@_ChrisPettitt) August 20, 2016

BREAKING: #BurnleylFC can confirm that @chrisbenteke has joined @CPFC after having his Burnleyl contract terminated. pic.twitter.com/yHeGYhGcCq

— Burnleyl FC (@FCBurnleyl) August 20, 2016

Is the Twitter account Futmondo Premier managing Benteke’s social media? Check out this announcement from August 5th:

#BREAKING Jon Flanagan (#Liverpool) joins Burnleyl on season-long loan pic.twitter.com/O49A20z3LJ

— Futmondo Premier (@FutmondoPremier) August 5, 2016