The best Chelsea jokes after 2-1 Leicester City defeat

Ranieri leaves reigning champions lying 16th on just 15 points after 16 games.

José Mourinho will be too angry to even glance at our collection of the best Chelsea jokes after their 2-1 Leicester City defeat
NOT HAPPY: José Mourinho (Image: Aleksandr Osipov)

These are all the latest Chelsea jokes as they lose 2-1 at top-of-the-table Leicester City and both teams’ contrasting fortunes continue to surprise fans.

José Mourinho’s side’s dismal league form goes on and the reigning champions now lie 16th with just 15 points amassed after 16 games.

Goals from Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez were enough to see off the challenge from this season’s most notable strugglers.

And now here are the best of the Chelsea jokes following their 2-1 defeat to Leicester City on Monday night:

Jose waving goodbye to the Chelsea job like… pic.twitter.com/Ts7w45xISL

— Ben (@DanceSturridge) December 14, 2015

Chelsea last season and this season. pic.twitter.com/P48cAxdKIq

— BlacB (@BlacB) December 14, 2015

Chelsea got me like pic.twitter.com/Yp96FdJOuB

— TweetChelsea (@TweetChelseaCF) December 14, 2015

Imagine being a Chelsea fan right now. "Well, when I started watching this sport four years ago, I certainly didn't sign up for THIS."

— Thierry Ennui (@Heisenbergkamp) December 14, 2015

Tying to find out how Chelsea will escape relegation pic.twitter.com/247ZCCmzqM

— It's Gitz Bruh! (@iGitz_) December 14, 2015

Everybody stay calm… #CFC https://t.co/UkkNkemCpu

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) December 14, 2015

I reckon the Ibis in Rotherham will be delighted to Welcome Chelsea ..

— Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) December 14, 2015

Claudio Ranieri always pulling surprises with Lowly ranked teams He did same with Chelsea some years ago…

— Ma??t?? (@Creppy_I_Am) December 14, 2015

Chelsea trying to save their season like… https://t.co/LBRkEMPRFh

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) December 14, 2015

When Chelsea tries to enter top 10 on the EPL pic.twitter.com/j37Szt3Rb8

— It's Gitz Bruh! (@iGitz_) December 14, 2015

Chelsea's official Twitter getting ready for next season.. pic.twitter.com/N61xpHnxbD

— TheSportsHangout (@Sports_Hangout) December 14, 2015

More bad news for Chelsea, the M1 is closed…

— Sky Bet (@SkyBet) December 14, 2015

This Chelsea team can't even beat their own Chest ??

— lazywrita (@LazyWrita) December 14, 2015

We all know why Chelsea are struggling. Then vs Now. pic.twitter.com/mYeyg806Ow

— Chris (@LFCChris_) December 14, 2015

I really wouldn’t 1-2 be a Chelsea fan right now

— Callux (@Callux) December 14, 2015

#UpgradeChallenge Chelsea Edition pic.twitter.com/7Yo2AEM7mF

— KING SKIWO (@Skiwo) December 14, 2015

Chelsea trying to turn their season around… pic.twitter.com/9X9tn82yif

— Sunday League FC (@SundayLeagueFC) December 14, 2015

Petr Cechs reaction when he was asked if he'd like to go back to #Chelsea? pic.twitter.com/xmq3M4e1fN

— ArsenalFanTV (@ArsenalFanTV) December 14, 2015

Somebody said Chelsea cannot even beat around the bush. Cry with me pic.twitter.com/2lr07jGciG

— Nigerian Comedy (@NigerianHumor) December 14, 2015

We beat Chelsea before it was cool ?? pic.twitter.com/gODIhnu4fh

— NUFC Banter (@NUFC_Banter) December 14, 2015

At what point do we need to stop worrying about Chelsea finally becoming good again…?

— Chris (@chrismd10) December 14, 2015

When you hear Chelsea are getting relegated pic.twitter.com/sYj8pYHLL8

— Confused Klopp (@ConfusedKlopp) December 14, 2015

You've got to admire Chelsea's consistency this season

— John Carlin (@JohnCarlin5) December 14, 2015

Only one man can save Chelsea now pic.twitter.com/CjEfuw20Jm

— Sam (@SimplyMartial) December 14, 2015

Chelsea trying to get up the table like. pic.twitter.com/ugKaLMzDV0

— Nick (@TheNickGlancy) December 14, 2015

Chelsea and losses this season https://t.co/vnaabVqrnM

— Tom Gordon (@GoonerGordo) December 14, 2015

Despite Chelsea's poor start this season, I believe they'll recover and win a trophy next term. The Johnstone's Paint Trophy.

— Jack. (@KaneAndEriksen) December 14, 2015

Chelsea have lost #AGAIN https://t.co/D6eDIKXpLQ

— ArsenalFanTV (@ArsenalFanTV) December 14, 2015

Chelsea falling down the table like https://t.co/c13azWTJ7e

— Jonathan Fowler (@JonathanFowle10) December 14, 2015

Chelsea need Nigel Pearson or Neil Warnock, one of those guys who are really up for a relegation scrap

— Matt Lucas (@RealMattLucas) December 14, 2015

When I'm on my way to Chelsea next week and they announce the team with no changes https://t.co/2SeLFIXGpW

— dave (@davesdinners) December 14, 2015

Infamy, infamy…..they've all got it in for me #Chelsea pic.twitter.com/oiRtJ6A311

— General Bauboles (@GeneralBoles) December 14, 2015

Chant of the night has to be "Chelsea don't worry.. About a thing.. The Championship.. Is gonna be alright" This season is insane. #BPLonNBC

— Arlo White (@arlowhite) December 14, 2015

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Chelsea are going to Football League 2.

— João M. C. Gonçalves (@JG1904) December 14, 2015

Chelsea summed up this season.. https://t.co/rMHLh7vVxh

— The_Lil_Magician (@Lil_Magician10) December 14, 2015

Fun fact: Chelsea's goal difference is -8, the lowest pitch achievable on a Technics 1210.

— Jeans & Sheux (@JeansAndSheux) December 14, 2015

Chelsea this season #CFC pic.twitter.com/L79wH1GRFo

— L3ahpar (@l3ahpar) December 14, 2015

Chelsea don't seem as mobile since their Samsung days Now they just seem tyred

— Basti (@Kelvin_shams) December 14, 2015

Every time Chelsea loses, an Angel gets its wings.

— SB VB ⭐ (@_SBVB) December 14, 2015

Chelsea need to sign players like Lukaku and DeBruyne

— chris chittock (@frankofarrell) December 14, 2015

Right, it's settled. Torres is becoming Chelsea manager.

— David (@TekkaBooSon) December 14, 2015