The best Chelsea and Mourinho jokes after League Cup penalties defeat to Stoke

Miserable start to the season continues as the League Cup holders are knocked out of the competition.

They'll be no flag waving as the Chelsea and José Mourinho jokes are heard following their League Cup exit to Stoke City on penalties
NOT WAVING ANY MORE: Chelsea flags (Image: CFC Unofficial (Debs))

As their disastrous start to the season continues, these are the best Chelsea and José Mourinho jokes from a miserable night that saw the current holders knocked out of the League Cup on penalties by Stoke City following a 1-1 draw after 90 minutes.

Loïc Rémy secured a lifeline for the away side with his added-time equaliser, but Chelsea weren’t able to break down their ten-man opponents in extra-time and lost 5-4 on penalties after a crucial Eden Hazard miss.

Only compounding the misery, check out the best Chelsea and José Mourinho jokes as Stoke knock Chelsea out of the League Cup on penalties:

Wenger and Mourinho like……. "my team is worse" "No my team is worse" pic.twitter.com/m84tP3xKA0

— Man United Hub (@ManUnited_Hub) October 27, 2015

Jose Mourinho waving goodbye to his job like: pic.twitter.com/jNpg8zYNEc

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) October 27, 2015

Cannot wait for Mourinho to finally reach his boiling points and start kidnapping referees' kids

— SG (@TrapBandicoot) October 27, 2015

Could be worse #Chelsea fans pic.twitter.com/m1RQmri5de

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) October 27, 2015

Hey @Asda my mate Jose might be looking for a job tomorrow.. do you have any Vacancies going in your chelsea store? pic.twitter.com/VbNTaE7H9X

— The Arsenal Forum (@ccooperuk) October 27, 2015

You used to be https://t.co/tVxE8mbMG3

— Yoann (@YoannArsenal) October 27, 2015

Hoping Mourinho questions the awarding of a penalty shootout.

— James Dall (@JamesDallESPN) October 27, 2015

Penalty shootouts won this season Brendan Rodgers: 1 Jose Mourinho: 0 pic.twitter.com/sV4Oycvh6O

— Deluded Brendan (@DeludedBrendan) October 27, 2015

Chelsea trying to turn round their season like… https://t.co/Lq2TMYTiA1

— Chelsea Transfers (@CFCTransfers) October 27, 2015

Chelsea fans pic.twitter.com/IlZhr2MyHb

— TweetChelsea (@TweetChelseaCF) October 27, 2015

Who needs gravity when Chelsea can let you down easily

— ️ (@HazardEdition) October 27, 2015

Chelsea fans on this season https://t.co/juJ9eviL5c

— Danny (@R9Rai) October 27, 2015

During this tough spell, CFC and Mourinho can draw on the enormous goodwill engendered by years of being fair, decent and humble. HAAAAHAHA

— Alex Andreou (@sturdyAlex) October 27, 2015

Summed up the Mourinho post match interview for those that missed it: https://t.co/Ne4RzXZixq

— Juan Mata (@JuanMataTouch) October 27, 2015

Smh..how Chelsea Fc have a website is a mystery because they can't string three Ws together.

— Lumnat Kurfi (@Ms_Lumcy) October 27, 2015

If a photo could sum up Chelsea's season so far, this may well be it. pic.twitter.com/2pAIvcyjT1

— FourFourTweet (@FourFourTweet) October 27, 2015

Live pictures of Chelsea's season… pic.twitter.com/g1ASmLZYYM

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) October 27, 2015

@ChelseaFC pic.twitter.com/G0vr4f7P4e

— ㅤ (@NicoEdition) October 27, 2015

It all started since Chelsea signed Falcao. That guy is a disease

— Ozair (@ozair7) October 27, 2015