There were lots of Champions League final pitch invader jokes and tweets after the streaker appeared during Liverpool 2-0 Spurs
(Image: Twitter/Epic Football)

The best Champions League final pitch invader jokes after model brings game to a halt

'Streaker' stuns fans in first half at Wanda Metropolitano.


Do things that scare you, go outside your comfort zone. I live for the moments that make my heart race ❤️

— Kinsey wolanski (@KinseyWolanski) June 2, 2019

The main talking point of a relatively uneventful Champions League final in Madrid on Saturday night was a pitch invader who interrupted the game in the first half.

A model, who has seen her number of Instagram followers increase exponentially over the course of the game, managed to get onto the pitch wearing not very much at all.


The stewards then faced the difficult task of apprehending her before the match, between English Premier League sides Spurs and Liverpool, could be restarted.

With little else to focus on, fans observing the ‘streaker’ made light of the situation on social media.

These were the best Champions League final pitch invader jokes and tweets:

FBI works hard. But a horny man works harder https://t.co/fFk7f1U60S

— Lion Sin of Pride (@chief_toks) June 1, 2019


— Tom Williams (@tomwfootball) June 1, 2019

#UCLFinal pic.twitter.com/HmyuZNRxl8

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) June 1, 2019


— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) June 2, 2019

This steward had more touches than Harry Kane pic.twitter.com/D4ckueB0UI

— Everything you know is Wrong, and i am RIGHT (@_BlackHoudini) June 1, 2019


Man of the match #uclfinal pic.twitter.com/GeaI63czji

— Gl3NN (@GlennCarroll1) June 1, 2019




Has a better back line then spurs ….. pic.twitter.com/8eMYflQfzT

— Nathan (@Nathan_Y01) June 1, 2019

Trent Alexander Arnold just asked the pitch invader if she had any pregnant mates.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 1, 2019

Not sure about this #Liverpool third kit, even on a Brazilian. #UCLfinal #ChampionsLeagueFinal #championsleague #Spurs #TOTLIV pic.twitter.com/5fZxyMn6xS

— Mr.F (@MrF_No1) June 1, 2019

This guy is so elevated.#UCLfinal pic.twitter.com/YetNVOsfmt

— okay! (@AnObviousNo) June 1, 2019


Any chance we can get a slow-motion replay of the pitch invader?

I think it’s important.

— Michael Tunstall (@TFWriter) June 1, 2019




2017 : Wow, what a goal from Mario Mandzukic!

2018 : Wow, what a goal from Gareth Bale!

2019 : Wow, what a hot pitch invader! pic.twitter.com/Ih8Oh9dyx3

— The LAD Football (@TheLADFootball) June 1, 2019

At least theres one thing to think about after the match #UCLFinal pic.twitter.com/kkUnRuNawO

— Mlandukid (@mlandukid) June 1, 2019

She heard that Spurs wanted to keep things tight at the back. https://t.co/7izZEbHAeB

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) June 1, 2019

"She couldn’t even make it to the half-way line. Specialist in failure." pic.twitter.com/jQcgpyGX8N

— Managerial Mindset (@ManagerialMinds) June 1, 2019





What you didn't see on your TV screens was a female pitch invader wearing very little, whose ProZone stats will record just one high-intensity run through midfield

— Sam Wallace (@SamWallaceTel) June 1, 2019