The best Branislav Ivanović jokes after poor Porto performance

Didn't complete a tackle until 90th minute of Champions League group stage tie.

Chelsea fans made Branislav Ivanović jokes after his poor performance in their 2-1 Champions League defeat to Porto
POOR: Ivanović (Image: Ultraslansi)

As Porto defeated Chelsea 2-1 in their Champions League Group G clash last night, frustrated Chelsea fans were making Branislav Ivanović jokes after watching the defender struggle to complete a tackle.

Not successful until the 90th minute, another poor performance from the player left many confused by manager José Mourinho’s insistence on including him in the starting line-up.

Here are all the best Branislav Ivanović jokes after the Champions League group stage tie that finished Porto 2-1 Chelsea:

Don't understand Ivanovic, he just refuses to tackle. It's like he's playing with an analogue but no buttons.

— Silvio Dante (@Mattheveli) September 29, 2015

Players are going through Ivanovic like a knife goes through butter at the moment. Gone is the brawn. There was hardly any brain so…..

— Abiola Kazeem (@biolakazeem) September 29, 2015

If Ivanovic had twitter at least he'd be able to block people.

— Thibauted (@Thibauted) September 29, 2015

Watching Ivanovic trying to defend like pic.twitter.com/329pSFQ3YG

— grace (@ChelsGraceO) September 29, 2015

A few double barrelled names in the squad, Obi Mikel, Loftus Cheek and Ivanovic Caughtoutagain

— Michael Murray (@Mersey06Murray) September 29, 2015

God please bring back 2 Pac And take Ivanovic

— #God_Is_Great (@osama467) September 29, 2015

Me after watching Ivanovic tonight #CFC pic.twitter.com/oz0nA79Sl4

— DPCFC (@DPCFC) September 29, 2015

Not even Ivanovic's mother would include him in Chelsea's starting XI.

— Mourinholic (@Mourinholic) September 29, 2015

Ivanovic really does eat, sleep and breathe football. It just big shame he can't play it.

— José The Joker (@JoseZeJoker) September 29, 2015

@ChelseaFC I want ivanovic to put me in my grave so he can let me down one more time

— Panthers 16-0 (@_Archerology) September 29, 2015

@ChelseaFC Sell Ivanovic and use the money to save some Syrian refugees. I'm sure many of them would be better at right back than him.

— Caitlan (@BoyWithGirlName) September 29, 2015

Hard to defend Jose when he keeps playing Ivanovic. Havent seen a man be so error prone at work yet keep his job since Homer Simpson.

— READ MY BIO! (@TekkaBooSon) September 29, 2015

Ivanovic will die and Jose will start his dead body at right back next game.

— Nawaz. (@BlueNawaz) September 29, 2015

Branislav Ivanovic tonight by numbers: Tackles attempted: 10 Tackles won: 1 Misplaced Passes: 10 Nudes used to blackmail Jose: 17

— READ MY BIO! (@TekkaBooSon) September 29, 2015

It took Branislav Ivanovic until the 90th minute to win a tackle vs. Porto tonight. Better late than never… pic.twitter.com/44AX3klHZx

— Squawka Football (@Squawka) September 29, 2015

Ivanovic is more useless than the "Ay" in okAY

— UnboTHEred (@tide_onilenla) September 29, 2015

Make nobody come tell me sef say Ivanovic ein natural position be centre back. Ein natural position ankasa be bench back. The bench ein back

— Manny Packah Awo (@chynadtw3mometa) September 29, 2015

Ivanovic: hi lil man. Kid: why don't you just get yourself injured and save us further misery. pic.twitter.com/Ic6BJgBA5F

— Obii (@folconii) September 29, 2015

We actually spent £15m on one of the best LB players in Germany last season but stick with Ivanovic who couldn't cross a road properly

— Sam (@SuperCFC) September 29, 2015

The Last Player Ivanovic Pocketed Was An MP3 Player…

— OLUMO BABA BEEJAY (@BOOOMBGUY) September 29, 2015