The best Bob Bradley sacked jokes as Swansea dismiss American

Spent 85 days in charge of the Premier League club.

There were all sorts of Bob Bradley sacked jokes after Swansea City dismissed the American as manager
SACKED: Bradley (Image: Mohan/Doha Stadium Plus Qatar)

Swansea City have sacked their American manager Bob Bradley after he spent just 85 days in charge of the Premier League club – and these are the best of the jokes.

Not even given the chance of a transfer window, the coach’s dismal record in the eleven games since taking over now means the side are searching for their third manager this season.

Hounded out by sections of the support following a heavy defeat at home to West Ham on Boxing Day, don’t miss the best Bob Bradley sacked jokes:

Bob Bradley aka Robocop has been sacked by Swansea after his failure to deliver good soccer. pic.twitter.com/5Ze7jchJ3t

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) December 27, 2016

Dumbass Seaswans kiss goodbye to EPL League glory as they fire Bob Bradley. #eplleague

— Soccer Guy (@usasoccerguy) December 27, 2016

Bob Bradley gone, 2016 is horrible…

— Ragnar Lothbrok (@ashasani) December 27, 2016

@SkySportsNewsHQ @SwansOfficial pic.twitter.com/IXduF0IHbW

— 6'2 (@Mta_1991) December 27, 2016

@SkySportsNewsHQ @SwansOfficial this is why Americans should stay away from our sport #BritainFirst #UKIP #EDL

— ㅤ (@Evertxn) December 27, 2016

@SkySportsNewsHQ I'm a big @SwansOfficial fan, and I speak for the entire fanbase when I say we need an experience man like Ron Atkinson in.

— Jack Carter (@jackcarter22) December 27, 2016

Who is the better coach?

RT – Brad Bobley
❤️ – Bob Bradley pic.twitter.com/EHok3lRzHk

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) December 27, 2016

Swansea sack Bob Bradley. Only one thing for it… pic.twitter.com/Axslxby4Se

— Full Time DEVILS (@FullTimeDEVILS) December 27, 2016

Bob Bradley lasted about as long as my first shag. But I will never forget his 5-4 win over Pardew. Cheers Bob!

— The True Geordie (@TrueGeordieNUFC) December 27, 2016

@AlexiLalas @Arsenal he could. Of course. He could manage any team. That team would lose most games, probably, but he could manage them

— Stuart Bramley (@StuBram2) December 27, 2016

@Joey7Barton you bet on it?

— Özillur (@zeezeeblog) December 27, 2016

@SwansOfficial is it because he said PK?

— Jamie (@ffsvilhena) December 27, 2016

@ffsvilhena @SwansOfficial Nah, it's because he said "Pruh-meer League", unforgivable

— Matt Williams (@MattW16x) December 27, 2016

@SkySportsNewsHQ @SwansOfficial calls football soccer, was inevitable

— Pj (@P0GBOOM) December 27, 2016

@SwansOfficial Might aswell get Trump in

— Evan (@SimplyJurgen) December 27, 2016

@SwansOfficial The wall would be solid

— Evan (@SimplyJurgen) December 27, 2016

@JonnyW1969 @ALS_Fanzine he wasnt

— David Haye (@FUTBetBros) December 27, 2016

@FUTBetBros @JonnyW1969 he was if you're a Sunderland fan

— ALS: SAFC FANZINE (@ALS_Fanzine) December 27, 2016

@Evertxn Dear Normal twitter, this is a joke, don't spam my mentions with 'Racist' or 'Hope you die'.

— ㅤ (@Evertxn) December 27, 2016

@SwansOfficial The face in the picture is clearly his reaction

— Jordan Casey (@CaseyGames) December 27, 2016