The best #AskRio questions for Rio Ferdinand Twitter Q&A

A collection of our favourite #AskRio questions for the Rio Ferdinand's latest Twitter Q&A.

Rio Ferdinand, who fielded #AskRio questions on Twitter
QUESTIONED: Ferdinand (Image: Gordon Flood from Trim, Ireland)

As veteran Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand announced he would be taking questions via another Twitter Q&A, the #AskRio questions came flooding in.

Today I'm doing a Q&A at 9:20am uk time! Tweet ya QUESTIONS to me with the hashtag #AskRio ….right, school run then it's #AskRio time!

— Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5) January 15, 2014

In, by now, quite expected fashion the hashtag was hijacked by serial jokers and those that harbour a disliking for the red side of Manchester.

Take a look at our favourite queries below:

#AskRio Are you sure you will turn up for this #AskRio session? I worry as you are forgetful and miss appointments

— CeeVeeDeeAich (@Dutch_Cop) January 15, 2014

#AskRio Is this the best Impersonation of you? pic.twitter.com/NqlzBCR7Pg

— VV (@VVsymbol) January 15, 2014

#AskRio is it true milk turns quicker than you nowadays ?

— kris dunn (@bigdunny82) January 15, 2014

.@rioferdy5 why haven't you retired yet? #AskRio

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) January 15, 2014

#AskRio why did you leave so early this morning

— Lauren Moyes (@LaurenMoyesxx) January 15, 2014

Are you a distant relative of the nazi war criminal Joseph Goebbels #AskRio pic.twitter.com/YSkBnCb2V2

— Daddy Gannon (@stegannon) January 15, 2014

#askRio Can you just wee in this cup for me? We need to do some tests.

— Taylor and Besty (@TaylorandBesty) January 15, 2014

#AskRio if you were a footballer what position would you play?

— Greg Gibson (@lufc_gibson) January 15, 2014

"@FootyAccums: .@rioferdy5 was this outfit a dare? Or by choice? #AskRio pic.twitter.com/A8FmjF469d" > stag do dare…. #GreatPins !

— Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5) January 15, 2014

Can I have my quid back please? #AskRio pic.twitter.com/IVUWmbdWmQ

— Matt (@m22_blue) January 15, 2014

#askRio please will you send me one of those hats. All the cool people are wearing them. pic.twitter.com/KjFXVunYO0

— ant (@FattusAntus) January 15, 2014

Rio has taken a short drink break. Will be back shortly to answer your #AskRio questions pic.twitter.com/K5xROlvQEZ

— David (@CFCsocial) January 15, 2014

Did Tevez ever get his watch back? #AskRio pic.twitter.com/LGWh33oR5s

— Blue Inc (@BlueInc) January 15, 2014

did you ever get to meet Howard webb's family? pic.twitter.com/kFIM7oBJyb

— Dan Kelly (@dankthemanc) January 15, 2014

#AskRio apart from the premier league drug tester who's the toughest opponent that you've faced

— mark cope (@CopeMark) January 15, 2014

How do you manage playing for Man United and also being a very populous city in Brazil at the same time?

— Bryan Mc Na (@bmn8) January 15, 2014

How does it feel like to be less effective on the pitch than the ball boys?

— Rashad (@Mourinholic) January 15, 2014

#AskRio If 2 trains going at 80 MPH leave from London to Leeds 10 mins apart, how many drug tests have you missed by the time they arrive?

— Wayne (@wazza1305) January 15, 2014

Have you already started filming the new star wars films pic.twitter.com/40OKzWe9nw

— tony white (@yiddo247) January 15, 2014

What could turn quicker? You, or an artic lorry? #AskRio

— Andy Quinn (@AndyQ83) January 15, 2014

Do you find it hard to defend set pieces pic.twitter.com/cC8CkdKkn0

— Jordan Worrall (@TheWacoKid_) January 15, 2014

@rioferdy5 How many pings could frimpong ping if frimpong could ping pong ?

— (@JordaanBroown) January 15, 2014

"@Jamess_Doyle: @rioferdy5 #AskRio what's the most expensive thing in your house?" > me hahaha!

— Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5) January 15, 2014