The best #asknaismith tweets from angry Rangers fans

Everton invited fans to send in questions for a Twitter Q&A with Steven Naismith - but things quickly turned sour when Rangers fans cottoned on...

Steven Naismith
Naismith… Asked (Image: Alasdair Middleton)

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time – Everton called upon supporters to send in their questions for a Twitter Q&A with Steven Naismith, using the hashtag #asknaismith to keep track of the Goodison faithful’s queries.

The revamped Everton magazine launches next week! Get your questions in for an interview with Steven Naismith using #AskNaismith.

— Official Everton (@Everton) August 8, 2013

It all started innocently enough…

@Everton #AskNaismith what are your hopes for this season ?

— Tom (@TommoEFC1878) August 7, 2013

@Everton whats it like to score in a merseyside derby? #AskNaismith

— You This Read Wrong (@jake_lawless) August 7, 2013

What's your favourite all time movie? #AskNaismith

— Miles Greer (@MilesGreer1) August 8, 2013

#AskNaismith do you and Hibbert get a hat allowance for pre-season tours in hot countries?

— Neil Halton (@NeilHalton) August 8, 2013

…but then word reached Rangers fans, clearly still a trifle miffed that Naismith manoeuvred his way out of Ibrox on a free transfer at a time when the club was on its knees financially.

Here is our handpicked selection of the ensuing #asknaismith hijack…

#AskNaismith On a scale of Sean Batty to Dale Winton, how sore is your arse from sitting on Everton's bench?

— Stuby (@Stuby_M) August 12, 2013

#AskNaismith How does it feel to know most Rangers fans would rather take one up the arse from Mike Tyson than let you into Ibrox again?

— Rangers Podcast (@ibroxrocks) August 12, 2013

#AskNaismith what's the best bench you have sat on in the premier league?

— Jimmy Kerr (@Proudranger) August 12, 2013

Which was harder? Walking out on your boyhood heroes in their hour of need, or your chubby when Everton offered their terms? #AskNaismith

— Chris Park (@parkovanbasten) August 12, 2013

#AskNaismith are "Bench Baws" a genuine medical condition?

— Smiling_Assassin ♓ (@Ruth_Less_Lady) August 12, 2013

#AskNaismith Did you cry when Rangers died? What month do you think Sevco will die & what flavour of #jellyandicecream will you choose?

— Wullie. (@Wulliebhoy71) August 12, 2013

Explain this. #AskNaismith pic.twitter.com/KPsr02eEzo

— ChrisHampson (@champson7) August 12, 2013

nice jacket.. is it real leather though? #asknaismith pic.twitter.com/EsLA7qPAjF

— NikkidarliN ❤x (@nd91x) August 12, 2013

Is it a relief to know that your wages are now being funded by your club and not from the proceeds of stolen charity money? #asknaismith

— Gordon Bell (@GordonWBell) August 12, 2013

#AskNaismith If you had a choice between saving your family from a fire or money, what colour of Ferrari would you buy?

— Russell Stewart (@rstewart91) August 12, 2013

#asknaismith If two cars travelling at 60mph leave Watford station at 4pm on a Wednesday why is your face so incredibly slappable?

— Steve Boylan (@StevieBoylan) August 12, 2013

#asknaismith Im making homemade soup here, is it one teaspoon of you are a wanky judas or two?

— The Original Cookie (@dippiecookie) August 12, 2013

Ugly scenes on #AskNaismith. pic.twitter.com/PAeGE7BukS

— The Evertonian (@The_Evertonian) August 12, 2013

The #askNaismith hashtag is allowing a lot of therapy from some twitter users.

— Chris Harvey (@ChristopherHarv) August 12, 2013