The best #AskLamps queries for new NYC signing Lampard

Frank Lampard's introductory Twitter Q&A saw a series of lamp-related questions fired at the new New York City FC signing.

New York City FC set up an #AskLamps Twitter Q&A for new signing Frank Lampard
Frankie Goes to New York

A series of mostly lamp-related questions were fired at new New York City FC signing Frank Lampard during his #AskLamps introductory Twitter Q&A.

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One of several big name signings for the upcoming MLS side, the former Chelsea stalwart is currently on a mission to ingratiate himself with the natives and convince them that he’s grown-up a bit since his well-documented antics on 9/11.

Barring a few sly jabs though, this ended-up turning into a collection largely consisting of electrical queries.

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Here’s how it all went down:

Frank Lampard is taking over @NYCFC right now for a quick Twitter Q&A. Ask anything you want with #AskLamps. Go. pic.twitter.com/oRg82Gdnfc

— New York City FC (@NYCFC) July 28, 2014

@NYCFC #AskLamps do you come in all different shapes and sizes?

— Shaun (@Shaun_C_sXe) July 28, 2014

@NYCFC can you get me a job to play football for New York City? #AskLamps

— jordan (@JordanCCFC17) July 28, 2014

Do you take prefer 65W incandescent or 15W energy saving? #AskLamps

— Daniel J Bentley (@DJBentley) July 28, 2014

Why do I always get the fan speed and light chains confused? #AskLamps

— Patriot-IronDome (@Patriot_Musket) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps Would you rather fight five Charlie Adam-sized Mertesacker's or one Mertesacker-sized Charlie Adam?

— Elliott (@TheElliottSharp) July 28, 2014

Moving to an obese nation, are you afraid your body size is not hefty enough for the US & you will lose the nickname Fat Frank? #AskLamps

— Ben (@tingeltangelben) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps Generally speaking, do you prefer being unplugged at night, or just switched off and left?

— Jay (@MrJayMobbs) July 28, 2014

.@NYCFC How do you respond to accusations that you're a 'shady' character? #AskLamps

— Isaac (@isaacccccccccc) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps where is your switch? is it on the wire, just under the bulb, or are you touch sensitive?

— Finn (@FinnMcIver) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps How are you adapting to American sockets? Can you cope with going from 3 prongs to 2?

— Fook Yu (@WhingerSpice) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps do you prefer a screw or bayonet connection as an interface with bulbs. I know John Terry likes as good screw.

— wayne godfrey (@Hornet7127) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps Do you feel pain when we have to change a bulb?

— Graham (@_GrahamPatrick) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps What's your problem with the 'i' in Pixar?

— TIME STOOD STILL (@TheMetalWhovian) July 28, 2014

Did you prefer yourself when you were oil or now when you're electrical? #AskLamps

— Jack (@Jacinhoooo) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps do you get turned on when people clap?

— Alex (@ARoss_Zamora) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps What's your favourite bulb wattage?

— •S•C•H•T•E•V• (@ssschtevvv) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps do you prefer to be filled with lava or have a standard bulb and lampshade?

— John Mckean (@MCKE4N86) July 28, 2014

Are you scared of the dark? #ASKLAMPS

— Andy.l.71. (@CRAYZHORSE71) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps Is light a big turn on for you?

— Betwitt the lines (@arizarkan) July 28, 2014

Thanks for all the questions! Signing off now. #AskLamps

— New York City FC (@NYCFC) July 28, 2014

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