The best #AskJoeAllen questions in Twitter Q&A

Lovingly hand-picked from the Liverpool midfielder's Twitter Q&A of yesterday.

The best #AskJoeAllen tweets subject Joe Allen
Allen… Asked Image: Biser Todorov)

The best #AskJoeAllen tweets, lovingly hand-picked from the Liverpool midfielder’s Twitter Q&A of yesterday.

Social media invitations to submit questions to a player wind up hijacked more often than not, so the following online roast of Joe Allen continues a noble modern tradition.

Allen’s number 1 fan had to reluctantly pass on his big opportunity…

I have many questions but I don't know the time and I think I have to give up this chance :( #AskJoeAllen

— Joe Allen (@JoeAllen24_bot) July 21, 2014

…and we’ll be amazed if this one gets a reply…

Tanya jawab yuks sambil nunggu buka puasa! Anda bertanya mimin menjawab !! #AskJoeAllen

— Indonesia Joe Allen (@IndoJoeAllen24) August 13, 2012

Many more however were in the mood for cracking wise, so join us as we look back through the best #AskJoeAllen tweets…

#AskJoeAllen Are you going to reply to any of these questions, or are you going to pass it over to Skrtel?

— Iago Aspas corners (@Sennesation) July 21, 2014

Was the film Sideways based on your career? #AskJoeAllen

— yaya toure (@YayaToure_) July 21, 2014

#AskJoeAllen Did you know that unlike rugby, a forward pass is a perfectly legitimate option in football?

— Ji Sung Park (@RealParkJiSung) July 21, 2014

#AskJoeAllen Do you ever wake up with this facial expression after thinking about that miss at Goodison park? @LFCUSA pic.twitter.com/DMDPMOriZn

— Kopite100 (@Kopite2014) July 21, 2014

How many times does Jose Enrique bang his head on the conservatory window before he realises there's a panel of glass there? #AskJoeAllen

— Inanimate Fred (@GoingJuanLoco) July 21, 2014

What on earth are you doing? @LFCUSA #AskJoeAllen pic.twitter.com/8dob8vlkmm

— Brendan Rodgers (@LFCChris_) July 21, 2014

When are we signing Reus, Isco, Di Maria, Benzema & Hummels? @LFCUSA #AskJoeAllen

— Kopite100 (@Kopite2014) July 21, 2014

@LFCUSA Joe, bring your gay side out… Who's better looking – David Beckham or Jamie Redknapp? #AskJoeAllen

— ELLiE † (@ellieagraham) July 21, 2014

Ever have nightmares a bald lad with a goatee is sat on the end of ur bed & awake to find a pool of BBQ sauce & an open window? #AskJoeAllen

— Literally Advocaat (@BreakfastPercy) July 21, 2014

#AskJoeAllen would you snort a gary to stop your ma snorting a line of mcat?

— Campbell (@acampbell68) July 21, 2014

And finally, a spot of optimism…

@LFCUSA: Do you think we can win the league next season? Joe Allen: "Yes." #AskJoeAllen” WE GO AGAIN

— LFC Fans Corner (@LFCFansCorner) July 21, 2014