The best Antoine Griezmann celebration jokes after Euro 2016 semi-final goals

Competition's current top scorer has been showing off all summer.

Lots of Antoine Griezmann celebration jokes were made after we saw his goal celebration following two goals in France's 0-2 Euro 2016 semi-final win against Germany
CELEBRATED TWICE THIS WAY: Griezmann (Image: Twitter/Melissa Reddy)

Take a look at the best of the Antoine Griezmann celebration jokes as the French striker nets twice to secure a Euro 2016 semi-final win against Germany.

The competition’s current top scorer has been showing off his unique goal celebration this summer and it’s got a lot of people talking.

Alongside numerous calls for the short dance is set to be included as a new feature in FIFA 17, this is a selection of the best Griezmann celebration jokes after his goals as France beat Germany 0-2 in the Euro 2016 semi-final:

And I know when Griezmann's in, that can only mean one thing… pic.twitter.com/MHGJ97H04i

— Melissa Reddy (@MelissaReddy_) 7 July 2016

Sorry but I had to share… 😂 #Griezmann #hotlinebling #france #FRAALL #EURO2016 #Finals #funny #funnyvine https://t.co/UvpgHiZXbZ

— Maxime (@MaxSolaro) 7 July 2016

That moment when the Ecstasy kicks in. #Griezmann pic.twitter.com/AM6g25QtVr

— vermutlich (@probablyzuerich) 8 July 2016

I wish he'd stop doing that stupid celebration #GERFRA

— Jemma Page (@jemmapage) 7 July 2016

Where Griezmann got his celebration out of.. 😂 #GERFRA pic.twitter.com/rTbxXS8gey

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) 7 July 2016

That's the same dance I do right after I get laid 😎 #GERFRA

— Kiss Me Kate (@KatieBurnett) 7 July 2016

Ahh it all makes sense now Lmao #GERFRA pic.twitter.com/zSoBGqRlFw

— Made (@MadeManJama) 7 July 2016

Griezmann needs to cut out that cringey Drake celebration. Just do a knee slide like a killer

— Olly (@Giroudesque) 7 July 2016

Griezmann revealed the inspiration for his goal celebration after the game #Fra #GERFRA #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/HsTBR8cZRn

— Turkish-Football.com (@Turkish_Futbol) 7 July 2016

Griezmann looks like he's trying to get a bird's number in the club but he can't hear her. pic.twitter.com/GpW8jqs9xz

— TheODDSbible (@TheOddsBible) 7 July 2016

Griezmann is both small and far away pic.twitter.com/rUrpnrozm8

— aidan o'hara (@oharaa) 7 July 2016

The moment when u start liking the hotline bling dance. #Griezmann pic.twitter.com/nFiIGc5bQS

— Skyankee (@sujeetspeaks) 8 July 2016

I give it 2 weeks till we see pics of Drake chilling with his new bestie Griezmann

— Papi Niño (@SprayNino) 7 July 2016

#Griezmann he invented france pic.twitter.com/i3UJzQYwbW

— Lottie (@bloodvstream) 7 July 2016

When Antoine Griezmann rips that hotline bling to the #EURO2016 final…💯 pic.twitter.com/oM9eW043Ct

— theScore (@theScore) 7 July 2016

What a man. Griezmann looking at Wenger and telling him to call him. Come to Arsenal Antoine. pic.twitter.com/EfASqEecrk

— Wilshoholic (@Wilshoholic) 7 July 2016

Griezmann gonna be the first soccer player sponsored by Drake

— Thee Efosa (@TheeWealthOfGod) 7 July 2016

Personally I don't see why everyone loves that Griezmann celebration. I think he looks like a bellend

— Over land & sea (@DanTheMan1118) 7 July 2016

And this is how Griezboy became Griezmann.

— Freud_is_alive (@Freud_is_alive) 7 July 2016