The best Adnan Januzaj Nando’s jokes

Man Utd starlet takes date for delicious chicken, she sells story, Twitter reacts.

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Adnan Januzaj Nando's story
Adnando’s… Yes, yes, peri good (Image: Twitter/Decap)

It’s the Adnan Januzaj Nando’s story that’s sweeping the nation! Yes, the Manchester United starlet took a student to Nando’s on a date, turning up in a tracksuit, spending just £18 and making her pay for parking.

Naturally, she blabbed…

JANUZAJ JANUZAJ JANUZAJ! Trackies, 18 quid, she pays for parking? Good lad! #MUFC pic.twitter.com/eXufGgAewC

— Man Utd FC Fan (@ManUtdFC_fan) January 27, 2014

…but the backlash, as we shall now show you, came mostly in her direction…

The best Adnan Januzaj Nando’s jokes

What a lad Januzaj is, pledges his life to United, then takes a bird on a date to Nandos and makes her pay for parking #Myhero

— Lee Kern (@LeeKernn) January 27, 2014

Januzaj taking a bird to nandos and she complains!? Jesus good thing she ain't tried it on with any of the Rangers players then!

— Mikey (@mikeyrfc16) January 27, 2014

Januzaj takes a girl to Nandos on 1st date, making her drive AND pay for parking. She should stick with him, though. He does go down easily.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 27, 2014

Girl : So Adnan your paying for my parking right ? Januzaj : pic.twitter.com/VwJLGb2Hca

— Yeezus (@Forbesy15) January 27, 2014

If Adnan Januzaj wants to take me to @NandosUK I'd be more than happy. http://t.co/wTcjkuM3Ol

— Sean Noone (@spooneman) January 27, 2014

You live on pot noodles half the year. Nandos with Januzaj is a privilege for you!

— فيضان رسول (@faizanr7) January 27, 2014

And the girl that Januzaj went on the date with, wonder if Adnan saw the shovel she brought to gold dig with

— ' (@letlive_182) January 27, 2014

I wanna tell u, i might as well do, about a boy who wont pay for parking, she wanted Rosso's, he took her Nando's, Januzaj Januzaj Januzaj..

— Rob O'Neill (@robbo2606) January 27, 2014

Waiter: "Would sir like a regular side?" Januzaj: "No. I'm very happy at United."

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) January 27, 2014

Waiter: "What would sir like to drink?" Januzaj: "Can I have a bottomless sprite?" Waiter: "I'm afraid Cleverley just left."

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) January 27, 2014

Even some of Januzaj’s fellow pros were getting in on the act…

Nandos was too classy for her! I would of bought her a freddo and sent her packing!! pic.twitter.com/x0sjWmJAdp

— andros townsend (@andros_townsend) January 27, 2014

Made a up story cause she wanted a thigh and she got a leg

— Raheem Sterling (@sterling31) January 27, 2014

Girl if you wanted a extra piece chicken should of just asked

— Raheem Sterling (@sterling31) January 27, 2014

Seems a nice genuine Girl Januzaj took out..

— STEVEN REID (@stevenreid12) January 27, 2014

Just see the Januzaj story, come on now, there is NOTHING wrong with NANDO's on a 1st date 2nd date or even a anniversary. U get me ppl lmao

— daRealAAkinfenwa (@daRealAkinfenwa) January 27, 2014

Adnan Januzaj is my new role model, firstly getting picked up by your date, then making her pay for parking before taking her nandos #LAD

— Gabriel Zakuani (@Gabs50Zakuani) January 27, 2014

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